With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, an increasing number of people have become more open and accepting of them. We’ve come a long way from the crude, baseless comments against crypto tokens. Statistics even show that there are currently 300 million users worldwide, and roughly 1/3 of that population comes from the U.S.

If you still think that the only people who buy in blockchain technologies are male teenagers with a prolific technology background, you’re wrong. The CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, explains what the average crypto user looks like today.


Yes, men are more inclined toward crypt than women. However, the gap has significantly decreased over the past few years. Statistics show that 1/3 of crypto users in the U.S. are women, while 2/3 are male.


The majority of crypto users come from the 18 to 49 age bracket. Less than 3% of older adults have even considered dabbling in cryptocurrencies.


No, crypto purchases are no longer limited to technologically adept individuals. The CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, states that dozens of crypto exchange platforms feature a straightforward, user-friendly interface that even complete beginners can utilize. 

Of course, having a background in tech and trading gives you an edge. However, you wouldn’t need to buy in expensive, high-powered computers to start buying crypto tokens.


It is a common misconception that most crypto users come from the U.S. Although the U.S. stands among the most developed first-world countries that have bought into crypto, a significant percentage of global users come from Nigeria, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, and China.

Bottom Line

As we move toward mainstream blockchain adoption, society’s image of the “typical crypto user” will also change. Mass adoption will break all existing stigmas.

The CEO of Earnity, Dan Schatt, even believes that the general perception of cryptocurrencies will change. They’ll no longer come off as dangerous, unrewarding assets. Crypto will eventually stand alongside stocks and foreign exchange currencies as commercial purchase options once more people learn to utilize the market’s volatility.