Our kitchen is the heart of our homes, where we prepare out delicious meals and entertain our guests on a Friday night with a bottle of wine. With all this being said, because the kitchen is the most used room in the home it does come into contact with various elements that may damage it. Things get dumped in there, there’s nearly always a spillage and there’s lot of footfall. A good place to start when looking for the most suitable features for your kitchen is the flooring, something that’s disruptive and expensive to change and can make or break your room! So what is the best flooring for the kitchen?

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is certainly an old favourite, having been around for centuries and coming into it’s own recently. Wood flooring’s gorgeous, luxurious natural premise is unmatched, and it will really add a sophisticated look to your home. But how suitable is it for the kitchen Well the answer is it’s not the best and much more suitable for room such as the living room or hallway. The reason is that solid wood is no good when it comes into contact it water and stains, as well as being easy to scratch. But don’t worry, there are other options. Engineered wood is a lot easier to keep clean and is much better when it comes into contact with water, as well as being much more affordable. Engineered wood look identical to solid wood, with better maintenance qualities and much better for your kitchen. It also has a really long-life span, which is great since your kitchen experiences a lot of domestic abuse!


Laminate is a safe option, and an extremely common choice for the kitchen. Ideal for busy family households and first-time buyers, as it’s so affordable, even better since the kitchen is the room that you’re most likely going to have to change the flooring! As well as this, laminate has an extremely easy cleaning routine, with it only needing a quick sweep and mop a few times a week to keep it looking hygienic. As well as this, it is very robust and will withstand plenty of footfall without showing wear for years. Ideal for family households and kitchen, laminate is always a reliable option.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Another very worthy option for your kitchen, this is probably our personal favourite. Luxury Vinyl Tiles have been revolutionised to create a highly sophisticated flooring that will stand up to many different elements the kitchen throw at it. It is stain, scratch and waterproof, standing up against lots of wear and tear, especially if you have kids dropping thing everywhere! If you do spill anything on LVT then it can be wiped up easily as well as water not causing any long-term damage. It is also extremely hard wearing, you should not worry about lots of footfall in your kitchen and your LVT not withstanding it.