Nutrition For Stress Relief And Relaxation

The past year has been long and while there have been some hopeful signs that sometime late this year we will be able to go back to some sort of normal, more and more of us are experiencing mental health challenges caused by stress. Being stressed and experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety is a typical response to everything that is happening in the world. On the other even though these are typical responses it does not mean there is nothing we can do about it. For many of us we can find some stress relief by paying attention to the food we eat and the national supplements we take. So take charge of your mental wellness and stress levels today.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are many vitamins and minerals which have been shown to help us relax. Many of us do not get all of these vitamins and minerals from our diet and we need to take supplements. For example magnesium is associated with stress levels, and a lack of magnesium has been found to lead to everything from headaches to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. If you are seeking a magnesium formulation that will help you try liposomal magnesium which uses liposomes to surround and transport the magnesium directly into the bloodstream. Another vitamin which helps with stress are B complex vitamins. It has been suggested that B-complex supplements may relieve stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, even in people without B vitamin deficiencies. If you are experiencing symptoms of stress you may want to consider a vitamin or mineral supplement to give your body what it needs to feel great.

Herbal Supplements

There are herbal supplements which have their roots in health traditions across the world that are known for helping our bodies respond to stress in a healthy way. For example, Kratom is a herb that is a natural alternative to pain relief or sleep aid medications which is known to help reduce stress. Other herbs such as chamomile have been used in tea for centuries for calmness, whereas lavender is used for its scent which helps produce a feeling of calm and relaxation. If you are experiencing high levels of stress consider reaching towards the herbs that have been used for generations in cultures around the world to help with stress. 


One simple way to reduce stress that is available to all of us is to stay hydrated. Studies have shown that being dehydrated can increase your cortisol levels which is one of the main stress hormones. In addition it has been shown when you are stressed you are more likely to get dehydrated because your heart rate is up and you’re breathing more heavily, and losing fluid. Dehydration and stress are a horrible cycle where dehydration can cause stress, and stress can cause dehydration. So if you are feeling stressed you might consider grabbing a large glass of cool water and see if being hydrated helps.

Balanced Diet

When we are stressed we tend to reach for junk food and stress eat which only increases our stress. Especially in times of high stress we have to work hard to make sure our diet is blanched and filled with lean protein and vitamin rich vegetables and fruits. If planning healthy meals only stresses you out you might consider one of the many food delivery programs ranging from ones that will send you boxes of veggies, to ones that will provide complete meals that all you have to do is heat up and serve, to simply getting your normal groceries delivered so you do not have to take the time to go to the store.

Good nutrition plays a key role in helping deal with the stress we all experience. Sometimes we can get the nutrition we need from a balanced diet and making sure we stay hydrated. Other times we will find we need some help and could use a vitamin or mineral supplement or could benefit from using a traditional herb which has been known to help with stress for generations. While what particular item will make us feel better depends on our particular bodies we all can benefit from paying attention to out nutrition.