Over the last 6 months I have been working hard with my great friend Randy Wooton, after he took on the challenge of showing me how to play chess. This is a game which I had been wanting to play for such a long time and I was so happy when Randy extended his hand and offered to teach me how to play the game. I have learned a great deal so far and whilst I have only scratched the surface in terms of learning how to play this game. I have to say that I am already starting to see what people mean about the impact that this game can have on you.

If this is something which has perhaps interested you in the past, here is exactly why I think you should give it a go and learn to play.


Although Randy was responsible for teaching me many of the basics and helping me to understand more about the game, much of my learning has also taken place online. This is because there is just such a wealth of information out there which you can find, from guides to tips and even video tutorials. Not only this, you can play random strangers online which means that you don’t have to find someone to play with you in order to get some practice in.

Broader Learning

Many have likened playing chess and the lessons which it teaches to life in general and I have to say that although I doubted it in the past, this is something which I am in complete agreement with. I have taken so much from playing chess such as the importance of making decisions and sacrifices, and each day I seem to learn more in relation to how much this game can teach.

Never Become Great

I have spoken to people who have played chess for 40 years who still recognize that there is much for them to learn, which is actually a good thing not a bad thing. The idea that you pick up this game which has so much to offer, that is a great reason for playing the game and continuously practicing.

A True Brain Workout

This is a true workout for the brain and that is something which many of us so rarely get. I can honestly say that after a long time of playing chess I genuinely feel tired and exhausted from overthinking. Many of us lead lives whereby we don’t have to think deeply about much, and we have to get away from that and really give the grey matter a good workout. This is the perfect game for dong that and it will truly test your mental dexterity and your ability to plan, strategize and make tough decisions.

If you are able to then I would wholeheartedly suggest that you learn to play the game of chess, it really is an incredible adventure that will teach you so much.