Underground Cellar Brings High-End Wine to the Masses

Underground Cellar is a wine consumer membership website that provides consumers access to high-end wines at deep discounts.

Underground Cellar is unlike the other countless “deep discount” eCommerce websites in that it takes a distinct approach to assist wineries with inventory turnover. Rather than giving discounts to our members, value is offered through optional upgrades to more expensive wines. This not only gives wine enthusiasts an innovative new way to try high-end bottles they wouldn’t otherwise buy, but it provides wineries with a new way to market their brands without undermining their price point.

“Discounts ruin brands – We preserve them.”

Wine industry veterans founded underground Cellar in 2015. “Our goal is to give people access to wines they may not otherwise be able to find or afford,” said Brett Hohl, CIO of Underground Cellar. “We accomplish this through a randomized upgrade system. This enhances the excitement and experience for our members.”

Inventory is sourced from wineries across the nation who may need to increase their inventory turnover without sacrificing brand image or perceived value. Wineries who participate in Underground Cellar benefit from substantially lower out-of-pocket expenses; there is no cost to join, and the winery never pays a cent toward the discounts given to consumers.

Winemakers seem to love it too.

“We are very pleased with our results through Underground Cellar,” said John Phillips, CEO of Firestone Vineyard. “The program has been a great vehicle for us to uncover new customers while still rewarding them for their long-term loyalty.”

“They’ve found a way to put good wine in the hands of the right customers without being so aggressive with discounts,” said Michael Mondavi, Co-Owner of Folio Fine Wine Partners. “It’s a very unique approach.”

With an increasing number of wine enthusiasts across the country looking for new ways to experience fine wines, Underground Cellar seems poised to carve out a unique niche.

“We think our model has the potential to completely change how people discover, taste, and experience fine wine,” said Hohl. “This is just the beginning.”

As far as what the future holds for Underground Cellar, Hohl said, “we’re looking forward to continuing to increase the quality of wine available for our members. One of the ways we’re doing that is through a new partnership with Folio Fine Wine Partners.”

“We’re very excited to be working with Underground Cellar. We see a lot of synergy between the two companies and changes that can bring about a lot of good for both consumers and wineries alike,” said Michael Mondavi, Co-Owner of Folio Fine Wine Partners. “I can’t share specifics, but you’ll probably see an announcement in the coming weeks. We have some exciting news to share.”

Customer reviews seem to indicate that the company is already making good on that promise.

“I love it! Great wines, great deals, and free shipping!” said Ronn W from Missouri. “What’s not to love?” 

“This is a fascinating way to discover new wines,” wrote Charles Feldman of New York City. “It makes every bottle feel like a special occasion.”

“I wasn’t expecting much, but I was blown away by all the premium wines they sent,” said Janice O’Leary of Denver. “Now, this is how it’s supposed to be done!”