Are you considering having Botox injections in Chicago?  You’ve probably read in the magazines or online about how celebrities swear by their Botox injections and facial fillers because they keep them looking younger and in a job!  You’ll probably find if you talk to your friends as well that some of them already have Botox, if they want to admit it, or they are seriously considering Botox.

Let’s face it, pardon the pun, our faces tell our age.  As we get older skin starts to sag, wrinkles and lines appear and we start to hate the look of ourselves in the mirror.  Botox and facial fillers help to get rid of the sagging, smooth our the lines and wrinkles, and give us back the face we had ten years’ ago.  So what can you expect from Botox injections?

Botox Injections in Chicago

Botox is a non surgical procedure so the good news is no scars and very little recovery time.  The Botox is injected into some of the muscles in your face, preventing them from contracting so that the lines that have appear over time no longer appear.  It works particularly well for crow’s feet around the eyes, brow furrows which can be pretty deep, and other forehead creases.

Did you know that Botox is also used to treat migraine headaches, excessive sweating and muscle spasms in the face and neck because the reaction it has in paralyzing muscles improves these issues?

Is Botox Painful and What About Recovery Time?

Botox is injecting with very small needles so you can expect some slight pricking feeling which might give you some amount of discomfort but wouldn’t be described as very painful.  So anesthesia is rarely used with Botox as its not required. Because the procedure is carried out in a clinic and doesn’t require anesthesia it is a quick treatment taking just five to fifteen minutes depending on how many injections you are having.  

Recovery time for Botox is a few hours, you will be able to continue with your day as normal, although it is preferable with any type of clinic aesthetic treatment that you avoid exertive exercise for at twenty four hours following the procedure to allow your body to cope with any shock it may have experienced.  It may take a few days before the full effects of the Botox are seen, you shouldn’t expect immediate results.

The results of Botox injections should be seen for around three to six months following the injections and it is fine to have further Botox injections once you see them starting to wear off.  

Along with Botox you may also consider facial fillers as these are complimentary treatments that can help to improve the look of your face at the same time.  Fillers are injected below the skins surface to fill out an area that has lost its definition, or where wrinkles have appeared. The result will be a more youthful and rejuvenated face.