Jeffrey Small Arbor Financial is a leading Florida financial planning firm specializing in helping clients achieve their financial objectives. The firm also offers estate and legacy planning services for those with significant estates and assets to pass on to their heirs.

Estate and legacy planning is an area not frequently discussed with clients, but it can play a significant role in their financial planning. According to Jeffrey Small, having a well-crafted estate plan could help clients preserve wealth and avoid unnecessary taxes after they pass away. In addition, clients who have a thorough estate plan in place will also spare their heirs and beneficiaries from unnecessary and costly probate proceedings.

“We normally don’t like to talk about death, but we need to because it is a reality,” said Jeffrey Small when he appeared on “In the House,” a local radio show hosted by Mike Avery. “For many clients, estate planning can be an emotional topic, so we approach it efficiently. We try to be as transparent as possible, so clients fully understand what goes into an estate plan.”

Jeffrey Small recalls one of his early cases where he had to deal with this challenging reality. “I was working with a client who had recently suffered the loss of her son,” Jeffrey recalled. “She told me that her primary goal was to make sure that her grandson would receive a good education. To help him achieve this, she wanted the bulk of her assets – which included a sizeable insurance policy – to go towards his college tuition.”

“After going over all of the numbers and options with my client, we decided on a plan,” Jeffrey said. “Since my client’s primary concern was to preserve the life insurance benefits for her grandson, we worked together on an estate plan that would set aside funds for his college tuition.”

“Fortunately, she is in good health today,” Jeffrey said when he appeared on “In the House.” “By creating this estate plan with her, she can help her grandson without exposing him to costly taxes. She can also take comfort in knowing that her insurance policy will be there when she needs it the most.”

We asked what the first steps were for those who wanted to have a well-crafted estate plan.

“The first thing we do is discuss the client’s goals and concerns,” Jeffrey said. “We take time to understand their specific needs and utilize our experience to craft a plan that makes sense for them.”

“We may need to work with an attorney or other specialists to create the estate plan,” Jeffrey said. “But the best part of working with Jeffrey Small Arbor Financial is our ability to provide one-stop shopping for all your financial needs.”

In closing, he said, “I like that our clients benefit from working with us. They get one-stop shopping for all their financial services. Planning for the future doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help you pave the way for a brighter future and ensure that your dreams and wishes are realized after you pass away.”