You’ve been working for some time in one company and you are not happy. How will you know if you should stay or move on to look for better opportunities? In our combined decades of working in corporate organizations, it often came to a point that we felt tired and unhappy. That was a sign that we had to start anew in another environment. If you’re in the same boat, there are indications that it’s about time to quit your present employment. Or at least assert yourself in your present environment to make it a better working place (but of course make sure you have another job ready to go to before you try this one). Here are some things to think about.

Things have become toxic

The working environment should always be conducive to employees. If you suddenly notice discontent or find yourself in a toxic situation, we suggest that making a change will be more beneficial to you. Consider moving on if you’re not in good terms with your boss or some co-workers even after exploring all means to repair relationships. Sometimes it’s easier just to sit in the same place and deal with the devil you know, rather than than the uncertainty of moving on to a new company, but sometimes this is also a way for you to lose your soul. If it keeps getting worse in small doses, by the time you realize that you’ve lost your soul, it’s too late and you’re already severely burned out. Just like anything, you need to enjoy your job. Although most people worry about getting a new job and are scared to lose the old one, if you’re working, it is not a bad thing to start looking for other work at the same time. You don’t have to jump in a leap of faith if you can prepare the path.

Your health is being compromised

Working is adversely affecting your health. You have sleepless nights and feel fatigued. You’re drinking not just one, but several bottles of beer to overcome a bad day at the office. You work extra hours and don’t have time for exercise, recreation, or quality time with your family. It’s pointless to stay at your job and sacrifice your wellbeing. Stress is a killer, and if you think about it, is it really worth giving up 10 extra years of your life by letting the stress get to you? Sometimes it’s better to take a cut in pay and move on to something that you enjoy rather than staying at something that you hate.

Your Job becomes boring

Are you feeling that working from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. has turned into a routine? All the excitement and challenges are not the same as before. What used to be an inspiring day has become boring to the point of being irritating or frustrating. If your job is simply a job and something is missing, perhaps looking for another opportunity is more worth it. 

You are always tardy and absent

Perhaps, it has reached that stage when you don’t even want to go to the office after a weekend or upon waking up in the morning. You hate going to work and you’re always late. There’s no more motivation. Most of the time, you don’t feel like talking or mingling with your colleagues. They begin to notice this odd behavior as well. The only solution would be to find another job. In the case of this one, it’s better to find that new job quickly, rather than let them fire you. Unless you’re looking for some unemployment benefits and a break, it’s better to be proactive in this case.

There’s no feeling of appreciation

You feel unrecognized and frequently misunderstood. You work very hard to accomplish things that will improve the position of the company, yet your managers and co-workers seem not to appreciate this work. Another job that will make you feel appreciated is the answer to this predicament. This is especially true if others are promoted above you that you feel should not have been. It might be time to move on and find a better manager at a better company. The number one job satisfaction that came out of a study of tens of thousands of employees was that the most job satisfaction they had was a good manager that appreciates them.

We are sure you have thought about this many times as to why you’re in such a situation. Why did you begin hating your job? Talk to family members and trusted friends. Hear their advice. It may be scary to admit that you may need to walk away from where you are right now. But this would be better than staying and ruining your life. There’s a world out there and loved ones who care about you. Don’t hold back if it’s your future, and the future of your family at stake. One advantage you have, even though you might hate your job, is that you still have a job and you can tread water for a while. Why is this an advantage? Because you can go out and ask for absurd amounts of money in jobs that you never thought you would get. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out you get one. If you lost your job, you would be too worried about finding another job as fast as possible and will take almost anything you can get. But if you’re already working, and you’ve suffered this long, you can go out and ask for twice the wages that you’re presently earning and it won’t matter. But what happens if somebody says yes? And you’re suddenly earning twice the wages? We think that might give you a new lease on life. You would know your value. Sometimes you just need to break out of the cage and see what your worth.