A small group of my friends and family have taken charter bus journeys for years, and it has been a truly great way of seeing both our own states and destinations across state lines. We love the fact that with a charter bus we can all travel together and that nobody has the responsibility of driving cars. Naturally we, like many of you, lost our vacation last year because of the pandemic, and so we have been on the hunt recently to plan this year’s trip and to find the best charter bus company to use. Something which we have all been made acutely aware of is the fact that average charter bus rates have fallen significantly since pre-Covid. 

I have long been telling people how great a way to travel this is, and now there is even more incentive than ever. 


Many of the companies which offer charter bus rentals, and much like many other industries, are incredibly lucky to have survived the last 12 months. Given the fact that things are not about to lift off quite the way that they did pre-pandemic, these companies have had to bring down their rates to introduce more people and bring in more customers. This may not last of course but right now it is about needs must, and they are taking the steps which they have to in order to continue to survive. 


As anyone who works in business will know, when one business decides to undercut the competition, you have to react. This again is what has caused a general reduction in the costs of charter bus rentals, because if one does it then the rest have to follow suit. Now some will have done this by cutting in the same way but many are now looking to offer up promotions rather than simply cutting down their base rate. 

Whipping Up Interest 

Given the fact that there are still so many restrictions on international travel, it makes perfect sense that more and more people are investing in domestic trips. This is giving so many people the chance to truly discover more of their own nation, and hopefully this is something which is then going to continue. It makes sense therefore that those companies within the bus charter sector, are seeking to bring those new tourists into the fold, in order to boost their business. Ultimately they would be foolish not to take advantage of this kind of opportunity and that again is why we have seen costs begin to fall. 

There are so many benefits to renting a charter bus for your trip away, no matter who you happen to be going with. Not only can you count on absolute flexibility, you can also ensure that you and your group are traveling together and making the most out of each minute. Now with these lower rates, you can enjoy all of these benefits at a much lower price than before.