You’ve probably heard by now that pet adoptions surged the highest they ever had during the coronavirus lockdown. Human interaction is essential for us all, and missing out on that during quarantine was the catalyst many people needed to add to their families through a new pet. For some, it was a first-time pet, and for many, it was another happy addition to their homes that already had pets. As this brought a lot of joy, it also brought some challenges pre-pandemic pet-owning didn’t. Many veterinarians are only offering curbside service. Going out supply shopping can still be daunting for some, and grooming at home isn’t always the easiest. With all that in mind, here’s a list for making things just a little easier in terms of bringing home a furbaby.


We’ve all heard the phrase “Adopt Don’t Shop,” meaning adopt from a shelter don’t shop for a purebred pet. While this is admirable and a great way to find a forever home for animals in need, it’s not feasible for everyone. Maybe someone in your home has allergies, and you need a hypoallergenic pet whose dander won’t irritate them. Perhaps you’ve had a longhaired pet in the past and don’t want to deal with the daily vacuuming to keep the hair at bay. Maybe you did, in fact, try to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization and weren’t able to find the exact pet your family was searching for. There is no shame at all in purchasing an animal from a reputable breeder that suits the wants and needs of your household. After all, those animals need homes too. So, consider searching for a pet that seems tailor-made for you and your lifestyle. They’re an investment that pays off in sweet kisses and cuddles for years to come. 


If you haven’t been doing much in-person shopping these days, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable yet. For many people, between working from home and helping their children with virtual learning, we have less time than we used to. Due to this, a lot of people have turned to delivery services to maximize their time. So, you can add things like pet food and a cat litter subscription to your list of things you need to outsource. There are so many sites that make it easier than ever to do this now. You’ve also got the added bonus of that extra quality time with your new pet!

Be Committed

It has already been stated that the pet adoption industry massively surged during the lockdown, and sadly, many of those pets were returned as well. Since we were young children from our parents, we’ve heard how much of a colossal responsibility pet ownership is. But like all lessons, sometimes we forget them until we are reminded. So, here’s a gentle reminder – make sure you are genuinely committed to the lifelong (animal’s life) commitment of bringing a new pet into your family. After all, they will be part of the family, and while they’re happy to give you unconditional love, they deserve the same from you. So, make sure you’re 100% on board (and your entire household is as well) with opening your home to a new animal. 

Foster Families

Maybe you’re not looking for a lifelong commitment yet, and there is no shame in knowing that about yourself. An excellent way to determine if you are or not is through fostering an animal. Animals could need foster care for various reasons, and you could be the one to help them. Fostering an animal provides a valuable link between the pet and potential homes. You are teaching the animal social skills that make it more desirable for a possible new owner. Maybe you have an existing pet in the house that needs its socialization built up with other animals, and this is a quick way to do that. Perhaps you’re wanting that extra love during the pandemic and not looking for a forever pet – this want isn’t selfish as you’re helping an animal in need while simultaneously boosting your health. 

The bottom line is pets are an excellent and beautiful way to boost our health, not just emotionally but physically (as we have to exercise them). They get us out of our routines and outdoors, walking and sharing love with another creature. Bringing home a new pet might be what you need to ensure this year is worlds better than the last. Happy Trails!