Here Are Some Grand Gestures You Can Do to Show Your Love for Pets

A lot of people say they love animals. But what they really mean is they love the idea of animals. They love to see animals in well curated settings. They love to watch animals in a sterile habitat from a safe distance. They love to think about animals. They love cute and well behaved, highly trained animals. But all of that is a far cry from actually loving animals.

There are also the people at the other extreme. Their love for animals causes them to have a house overrun by cats. They bring home exotic animals like monkeys, tigers, and deadly snakes. They take animals out of the places where they can thrive and treat them like humans, or worse yet, like trophies. This is not a love for animals. It is a cry for help.

Between those extremes are the people who think they love animals and obtain pets, only to discover that they were ill-suited for the task. They end up chaining dogs in the backyard to be used as a security system rather than to be loved as a living creature. They underestimate the health and emotional needs of the animal. This leaves millions of animals abandoned like yesterday’s fashion. If you love, and I mean really love animals, here are a few things you can do to show it:

Become a Veterinarian

Think about enrolling in a veterinary school Chicago location. They have one of the few programs in the country that offer a doctor of veterinary medicine (D.V.M) degree. There are few gestures more grand than making the care of animals your life’s work. From there, you can take it into many rewarding directions including the following:

  • Animal care at a zoo
  • Specialty in farm animals
  • Veterinary practice for pets
  • Wild and exotic animal rescue

Animals suffer from injury and disease just like humans. But they don’t have jobs and insurance. They need our help. And they could use more people with the skills and incentives to provide that help. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the rate of animal abuse has increased. That means there is an increased need for people who can directly address the health needs of animals. You could be one of the few who are able to address those needs.

Feed Your Pets Like Royalty

In the wild, animals can feed themselves. But we have bred and raised pets in such a way that they cannot feed themselves. They are totally dependent on us to provide them with the nourishment they need for a long and happy life. It is up to you to discover what goes into the best grain-free dry dog food. They can’t read the labels. And they don’t have any money.

You can’t just grab a bag or can of the cheapest thing you can find at the local discount store and call it a day. Even if that is how you feed yourself, you have to do better for your pet. You have a choice. They don’t. Eating badly, you might get 60 or 70 years. Eating well, they might get 6 or 7 depending on the breed. It is up to you to make sure those are the best and healthiest years possible. It starts with making a commitment to feeding them the best diet they can get.

Adopt a Pet

There is nothing wrong with responsible breeding. That is how we got domestic animals in the first place. Unfortunately, much of it is done solely for profit motivation. This has resulted in more pets than we have people willing to take care of them. These pets are in cages awaiting a final solution. You can be that final solution. Just be sure to adopt responsibly. Only adopt the type and number of pets you can properly care for.

Why not show your love for animals by becoming a veterinarian? Short of that, you can provide for their healthcare by feeding them like royalty, and by adopting them into your loving home.