Many businesses are considering their carbon footprint now and tied to this they’re also dealing with congestion charges and road delays in major cities.  Such things affect getting your employees to work on time every day, and then off course their commute home. This is where an Atlanta charter bus company can be the answer to your problem.

Think too of your employees, its tough living in either the suburbs, or affordable parts of the city, and commuting into work, when your office is in the City center.  The times you’re travelling are when everyone else is travelling and you may feel like you waste hours every week on your long and slow commute.

How to Use an Atlanta Charter Bus Company

What if you were to drastically cut down the commute for the majority of your employees?  You could do this by either providing out of city parking where they can drive to and then take a shuttle bus into work, or provide a shuttle bus which drives through their neighborhood to pick them up and then drop them off at the door of their office.  There are several advantages to these solutions.

Advantages of a Charter Bus Shuttle Service

Firstly you are taking cars off the road during the busiest commuter times, and putting all those travelers together on one vehicle.  If every company did that, the roads would be a lot less congested during rush hours and air pollution in cities would be cut drastically.  

Secondly when employees are on a shuttle bus which is heading straight to their place of work, they can relax.  They may even start work early on the bus, catching up on emails, making phone calls, or talking to their colleagues around them, which is another advantage that you will really help build teams and morale by having your teams travel together.

A third big advantage is time saved.  By taking public transport an employee stops and starts several times on their journey, and often has to swap lines or change to another form of transport to complete their journey.  This results in stress, time wasted, and expense. By a shuttle bus picking them up at a mutually convenient location with other employees and then dropping them at the door to their office, with very few stops along the way, and a direct route to their destination, you should save considerable time.  Provide this as a free service to your employees and they will save money too. You will gain time from your employees that they previously lost to commuting and they will turn up at work more relaxed and work orientated.

Add all of this up and it makes clear sense.  That’s why schools have been doing it for decades!  They send a bus around the neighborhood, pick up all the kids and deliver them to school on time.  At the end of the day they are all dropped off home again safe.