In the last two years, much about our way of life has changed. We have had to get used to a new “norm” as restrictions to our movements came in to play. Fortunately, things seem to be returning to a bit of familiarity. However, some things that changed during the pandemic were seen as improvements or good alternatives to what we had before. For example, many have turned to using a virtual learning platform as face-to-face meeting was prohibited around the globe. But now that people are returning to work or education settings, people have realised the benefits of still making use of this very useful tool. But what exactly is it?

A virtual learning platform is using something such as a webspace where a student or trainee can access education and learning resources online. This is an excellent way to learn. The student or trainee can still enjoy their lessons. They will have video facility to be able to see and communicate with the instructor. Any assignments can be posted through the virtual learning platform and when the student completes the assignment, they can put their work there for the instructor to see. As all the work is recorded and stored here, it makes it very easy to keep a check on the progress being made by each student. The instructor can also post reminders for things here. So this is an excellent tool to add to the experience of learning. For the instructors, they can assign, assess, give feedback, share information and monitor things all without leaving their home office. For the student, they can receive their feedback much quicker, which if you have ever been a student, you know makes a big difference to the stress levels you will feel.

Other benefits for the instructor include the fact that you won’t have to worry about drowning in piles of paperwork. Everything stays neatly on your laptop or computer. This saves on the expense of all the paperwork as well as all the overheads of using a large classroom. It is also good to know that moving forward, should home learning be the only option available, we are all already well equipped to seamlessly continue with our studies or our teaching without any interruption.

As someone who uses a virtual learning platform, I can recommend them as a great way to teach and also to learn.