Exercise isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but there are things you can do to make things better. The trick is figuring out what those things are, which is why you’re here. The following are six ways to make exercise more enjoyable.

1. Gamification

One thing that might make things more enjoyable is if you combine a game with your exercise routine. Games can get you moving just like exercise. Even if you don’t want to play a game, you can still make whatever you’re doing into a game. For example, if you’re going to lift weights, then make it a competition with someone else. You’ll be surprised how motivated you’ll feel because you’re competing with someone else.

2. Right Clothes

Sometimes, what you decide to wear can impact how much you enjoy your exercise experience. This goes beyond wearing something you like, which could bring some joy. You also have to consider function. For example, wearing mens compression undershirts helps to keep your muscles warmer. This may not seem like a big deal, but that helps prevent strains. You know how painful those can be, so doing what you can to prevent this is wise and makes everything more enjoyable.

3. With a Friend

Having a friend with you as you exercise can make things more enjoyable. You’ll have someone to share your frustrations with and someone there to motivate you. This relationship goes both ways. Your friend should feel better knowing they’ve got someone there with them. At some point, you can feel loneliness, no matter how good you are at being alone, and that won’t be fun. See if anyone is willing to be your workout buddy, and this may work out for you.

4. Find a Passion

If you want to make things fun, you could find your passion. There’s bound to be something that allows you to exercise and indulge in your passions. For example, maybe you can join a dance class that’ll help you exercise all you want while learning how to dance. There are many types of dances out there, and some of them are pretty demanding. If you don’t want to dance, maybe you’ll feel passionate about learning to kickbox or trying martial arts. Whatever you’re passionate about, that’s what you should do.

5. Get a Tune

Music can be quite powerful, but only if you know how to use it. Sometimes, you want to feel calmer. Maybe you want to go to sleep so that you can play music that’s a little more relaxing. The same thing can be done when you exercise. Spend some time and create a list of songs that are fun to listen to and help motivate you to exercise. Make your list as big as you want, and you’ll start to look forward to your exercising jamming session.

6. Reward Yourself

Maybe you need to make your exercise routine more fun by rewarding yourself for the effort. Having something to look forward to every week or month after working hard could make everything feel worthwhile. You have to make an effort to stick to your goals and only reward yourself for achieving them. If you reward yourself when you don’t reach your goals, this might not motivate you.

Hopefully, you find out how to make your exercise routine more enjoyable using any of the suggestions. The more enjoyable this is, the more willing you’ll be to continue exercising.