When it comes to setting up your own business, you may understandably be eyeing a larger city. Although that may come with more competition, it may also come with more customers. The question now, is, which city should be your business’s home? Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY, recently explained in an article that many cities across the United States are friendly toward businesses. However, New York City sticks out for being a truly global city and a mecca for companies of all types and sizes.


New York City has long been called the city that never sleeps. And rightfully so. The Big Apple offers a constantly moving and thriving business landscape both locally and internationally, especially in the industries of fashion, entertainment, and politics. In addition, the city offers innovation opportunities as well as accommodations that are world class.

As a matter of fact, New York City is often ahead of the majority of global trends in both innovation and business. Thus, it may not come as a surprise that the city is modern entrepreneurship’s birthplace, in addition to being a trailblazer for cultural modernization.

If you decide to launch a business in New York City, you’ll essentially be operating in a city with an inherent international vision, according to Brian Ferdinand. The city continues to keep a finger on market trends’ pulse worldwide and offers a level of prestige that no other cities across the country can imitate, no matter how hard they try to. Thus, if you’re serious about tapping into global markets as a businessperson, then you can’t wrong with New York City.


Yet another reason to choose New York City is the important role it plays in boosting companies’ bottom lines and individuals’ net worth in the tier-one area of finance. The city features the largest stock market in the world, and this provides many economic benefits to entrepreneurs who are interested in the capital markets.

New York City is generally an excellent business site for people of all ages. However, it is especially a draw to young people. Thus, if you are seeking a young and vibrant international workforce for your future business, this is another reason why setting up your company in the Big

Apple may be your best move yet. Many graduates from some of the leading educational institutions in the world are captivated by New York City’s work opportunities and the excitement of the city in general, so you’re sure to find the talent you need in this lively metropolis time and time again.