Immunotherapy is a treatment of cancer that facilitates the immune response of the patient. The treatment works to eliminate tumor cells. The immune system, when healthy, is able to detect abnormal cells and destroy them, preventing the growth and spread of cancer. Cancer cells, however, develop the means of avoiding the natural immune response to reach healthy cells. With immunotherapy, patients can fight against this.

While immunotherapy is designed to help immune cells better against all the various types of cancer. Targeted therapy can be administered through therapeutic antibodies, proteins that can bind to specific antigens on cancer cells to neutralize them before they reach healthy cells. Vaccines can also immunize the patient and boost their immune system. Now, you may ask where this immunotherapy is offered. If you are in Mexico, immunotherapy cancer treatment is available to you.

How it Works

Since immunotherapy includes many different types of medications that target antigens, the treatments vary. Administration methods include through oral pills and tablets, topical creams for skin cancer, specific transfer factor treatment, intravenous (IV) infusions, and intravesical injections into the bladder.

While the dosage and frequency of treatments depends on the type of immunotherapy the patient receives, the type of cancer the patient has and how the body reacts to each particular therapy are also factors. Immunotherapy can be administered daily, weekly, and monthly for different patients. They may be administered cyclically, which means that the patient receives a treatment followed by a specific period of rest. Of course doctors should always be consulted on the proper path for immunotherapy to determine the best course of action.

Immunotherapy in Mexico

While traditional forms of immunotherapy are available in Mexico, there are also a few treatments that aren’t available in the United States. This isn’t necessarily because the US doesn’t have these treatments but because they are a lot cheaper in Mexico. Not only do immunotherapy institutes provide these options to people who need them in Mexico, they offer them to American citizens who cross the border for treatment.

Steps of Treatment

First there is a holistic assessment. This is where a multidisciplinary team composed of oncologists, surgeons, nutritionists, and holistic medicine experts create the patient’s treatment based on the individual’s needs and medical history. This is like a general assessment of the person, their body, and their health beyond the cancer diagnosis. Then they develop a nutritional plan.

The second step is cellular nutrition, which is an ongoing treatment designed to make the patient stronger and healthier to fight off cancer. While it minimizes side effects, it also provides the body what it needs to fight off cancer. If the patient isn’t getting the nutrients and immune health they need, cancer spreads faster. When doctors begin cellular nutrition, they also take into account diet, medical history, the stage of the cancer, and any nutritional deficiencies that the patient may have.

Detoxification begins after the initial assessment. It is pivotal to managing chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, which develops at the cellular level. If a patient is suffering, there can be large amounts of toxins like waste, dead cells, and pro-inflammatory agents. When cancer spreads, the body has a more difficult time combating these toxins. That’s why the detox process is meant to metabolically manipulate organs, enhancing their ability to eliminate them.

Finally, immune support, regulation, and, hopefully, cancer suppression will occur. The goal is to revitalize the body and facilitate it to fight the cancer with regulation therapies. Bringing down the chronic inflammation that deprives the body’s defense system and prevents it from eradicating cancer.

Through a wide variety of immunotherapy methods, the full strategy employs the combination of proven therapeutic cancer treatments that have been scientifically tested to combat the effects of cancer. Cancer is always at risk for coming back, though. It is vital to follow-up and support the patient in order to keep them in remission.

Cancer is never easy. With the right immunotherapy it is possible to keep the body as healthy as possible to help combat the cancer along with all the other treatments that the patient may be utilizing to treat it. Immunotherapy isn’t necessarily cheap, but it is more affordable in Mexico. If you want to exhaust the full range of treatments, there is a lot they have to offer you.