Something which we have seen a great deal over the last 12 months has been a spotlight on the environmental services industry. Companies like Diamond Environmental Services have been doing a fantastic job working with care homes and hospitals to help sanitization efforts in the wake of the pandemic. Now most of us wouldn’t have had much of a clue about these kind of companies before, but there is one service which they perform, that we really couldn’t live without.

This particular service is the portable toilet, a very simple product which helps out in more ways than you could possibly know.

Portable Toilet Services

Those companies which offer portable toilet services deliver an all-inclusive package for their clients. They will first deliver the number of toilets which are required, during their time on site they will be regularly cleaned and emptied by the company and then they will dispose of waste after use, and return the toilets back to HQ, where they will be fully cleaned and sanitized.

Music Events

Music events and festivals simply wouldn’t be in existence were it not for the portable toilet. Usually these events take place far away from brick and mortar buildings which mean that built toilets just aren’t available. Given that there s no way that event organizers could possibly get a permit for their event if they are not able to provide restrooms, they have to invest big on portable toilets and urinals. As we have said, were it not for the existence of these portable toilets, there is no way that these events could go forward.

Construction Sites

On almost every construction site in the country you are going to see portable toilets. This again is because there is no other access to toilet facilities and the construction company must hire a company to deliver and maintain those toilets for them. Without these portable toilets in place there would be no construction workers allowed on site, and that is why construction companies are some of the biggest clients for environmental services firms.

Outdoor Weddings and Events

There are some higher quality portable toilets which we often see used for specific events such as outdoor weddings and corporate events. Whilst this may be a more expensive service, the premise of the rental and the maintenance of those toilets is exactly the same. Once again, these events would not be able to go ahead if they did not have restrooms on site and if there is no access to restrooms inside a building. These higher quality toilets usually arrive on a trailer and they feature indoor lighting and comfortable surroundings, a much better option than the plastic portable toilets which we so often see.

You may not have considered the importance of these toilets in the past, but as we can see there are so many events which just wouldn’t go ahead if we didn’t have these as an option for guests and employees.