Canada is a diverse country with different cultures in its territories. The people in Canada come from many backgrounds and many different religions. They all share certain traditions, culture, customs, values and heritage. It’s really come together as a great country. It’s becoming a popular spot for many to explore living in it. Searches like homes for sale in Vancouver are gaining more and more popularity. 

Canada is a multicultural society. It has also been described as the most culturally diverse nation on the planet. Canadians are free to express themselves in their own way without judgement or censure from their government or anyone else for that matter.

Canada is the only nation in the world with an official state religion – Roman Catholicism – which dates back to 1534 when France claimed it as a colony. This national religion is followed by 84% of Canadians and it does not interfere with other religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism which make up 15% of Canada’s population.

Canada’s culture is influenced by three main nationalities. Let’s take a look at them. 


Canada is a country that has a lot of variety when it comes to its people and culture. It’s well-known for its untamable winter and great hockey players. What many Canadians don’t realize, though, is that their country is heavily influenced by the United States.

The United States has an abundance of things Canada does not have. One of these things is food; Americans eat more fast food than Canadians do at any given time. They also have a larger population than Canada and their currency, the American dollar, is worth more than the Canadian dollar.

Canada and America share many similarities in culture and even in some aspects of life such as currency and currency rates between the two countries.


Canada has a strong French influence in its culture. One of the major contributions that Canada has received from France is the language. Language plays a very important role in a country’s culture and values.

The French language is the third most spoken language across all countries in the world, with over 250 million speakers of it, second only to Mandarin and English among all languages of the world. Canada, however, doesn’t have an official language but English and French can be used as official languages of Canada.

French-speaking Canadians have contributed to Canadian culture by playing an active role in politics after being granted their own government in 1867.


Canadian culture is heavily influenced by British culture. Canada was a British colony until 1867. The British brought their customs, traditions and language to Canada that are still visible in Canadian culture today.

British influence on Canadian culture is evident in the country’s cuisine, architecture, language and music. Canadians have preserved many of these traditions and customs which makes this Canadian culture very different from the American one.

Canada has a diverse range of influences on its cultural identity which made it tough for them to decide what constitutes as “Canadian” – something that is not unique to Canada but also found in other countries.