EDI technology is nothing new but in recent years we have seen some fantastic EDI supply chain solutions on the market which have changed the game entirely. These have shown just how powerful it can be to bring in new concepts such as cloud software and combine that with the original idea behind EDI technology. What this advancement has done is to seriously increase and improve the way in which the supply chain does business. Let’s take a look then at what qualities EDI supply chain solutions software can offer, and why it has made such a difference. 

Accuracy of Ordering and Delivery 

If there is one thing which will create a rift between two relationships in the supply chain it is errors, which can be costly and which can have a knock-on effect. What EDI technology ensures is that orders are fulfilled with incredibly accuracy and it is does this thanks the level of automation which it provides. 

Increased Visibility 

What many of these solutions have managed to do is something which could have benefited the supply chain long ago, and that is increased visibility. Knowing what your clients need, offering them real time information and tracking on their goods and offering them this increased transparency is great for accuracy and for confidence in partners. 


Thanks to smarter ordering and a better idea of delivery times and demand, we can now use that information to increase productivity in the business. Making sure that we have the right people, doing the right thing and at the right time, that is critical to ensuring that we maximize productivity in the business. 

Waste Reduction 

There is not a company on the planet which doesn’t want to lower the amount of waste which it creates and that is something which EDI solutions can also support with. Making exactly what is ordered at exactly the right time, and even being able anticipate orders, all of this can drastically help in the reduction of waste. This is able to happen thanks to a wide volume of metrics and sales data which we can count on to ensure that orders are perfectly fulfilled and that waste is greatly reduced. 

Better Relationships 

Ultimately all of these benefits of EDI supply chain solutions are contributory in the most important aspect of the entire supply chain, and that is business relationships. Through these solutions you can stay on top of what your clients want, and they in turn can do the same. The better that we deliver to our partners and our clients, the healthier the relationships are going forward. This results in smarter ways of working, more business shared out amongst the chain and a far slicker moving chain on the whole. 

It is critical that all businesses within this are focused on supply chain solutions and how they can move forward to work smarter and more efficiently. Currently it is EDI technology which is driving this.