Following on from what we have been doing these last few weeks today we are going to discuss what skills you need to be an attorney. There are many young people who grow up with a real sense of justice and many would love nothing more than to study law. This of course is not a position which everyone is able to take up and beyond natural intelligence there is a certain skillset which you will need in order to be able to do well in this field. A good friend of mine works at the law offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates, and she has been kind enough to share some tips on what you require. If you have a desire to become an attorney, here is what you will need to possess. 

Hard Work Ethic 

Studying law is right up there with medicine with regards to being tough, and you are going to have to have a very strong work ethic in order to survive. This work ethic will not just get you to the position of becoming an attorney, it will also help you do well once you get there. These men and women are some of the hardest working people and that work ethic is something which you cannot do without.

Analytical Mind

When studying and working in law you are going to be required to do an awful lot of reading. This could be about past cases, current cases and other supporting information which you will require. The skill you need here is not only to be able to read, but to digest huge amounts of information and pick out the pertinent details. This requires an analytical mind. 

Sense of Duty 

Your sense of duty and justice is what will ensure that you are always going to be able to do the best job possible. Some attorneys represent people who they do not believe, some are involved in cases which they believe to be unjust. Unfortunately for most in the profession, it is the job that always comes first, and opinions and emotions are secondary. The skill that underpins this way of working is a sense of duty, if you have that then you will be able to still perform a great job regardless of the situation. 

Team Working Attributes 

No case is won or lost by individuals, it is always a team effort which requires each member playing their role brilliantly. As an attorney you will have to ensure that you have a deep understanding of how teams operate, what each role within the team setting is, and how to play multiple roles within it. This is something which of course you can learn, but you should know from the outset just how important this kind of skill really is in the world of law. 

And finally you need passion, if you do not have a passion for the law or for justice then you are not going to be able to put in the hard work that is required for you to become an attorney, or do well in this career