One of the reasons why so many people love the world of vaping is that they can choose between an enormous range of flavors. For some people they like to keep it simple and use tobacco flavored e liquid when they vape. For some other people they like to experiment with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavors, and for man others, it is menthol tobacco e juice which really floats their boat. In fact menthol flavored juice is one of the most popular products on the market, and it outsells its competition time and time again. 

So what exactly is it about this particular flavor which really gets people excited? Let’s take a look. 

Fresh Burst of Flavor 

One of biggest reasons why this is such a popular flavor is that it is one of the few products out there which really delivers a fresh burst of flavor. So many love to vape because of the fact that it doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth, and menthol ensures that you are able to get a really fresh flavor after vaping. 

Mixing It Up 

Many people have began to realize that they can mix up their liquids and create new flavors when they do so. When it comes to menthol this is a liquid which can be mixed with a wide range of flavors to deliver a new tasting experience. For example this is a liquid which works really well with sweet flavors such as chocolate, to create chocolate mint just like we enjoy with ice cream. Menthol can also be mixed with fruit flavors to also create something new, exciting and fresh. 

Getting the Hit 

One thing which smokers miss a lot is that hit to the back of the throat when they smoke, something which is not easy to replace. What we often find however that those people who go from cigarette smoking to vaping, prefer to start off with menthol flavors as they can make sure that they get that kick to the throat when they ingest the vapor. Whilst some other flavors of liquid can deliver this, there are none which do quite as good a job as what menthol does. 

High Quality 

Menthol flavors have the best consistency when it comes to the quality of the flavor. For example if you are a big fan of watermelon flavored liquid then you are going to find that it is very hit and miss regarding the quality of the liquid, depending on which brand you buy. Menthol however is a much easier to achieve consistency and that is why you can buy pretty much any brand and still ensure that you are getting a similar level of consistency with the flavors. Everyone will still have their favorites of course, but there is little doubt that this particular flavor is far easier to achieve. 

Have you tried menthol flavor liquid yet? If not then now could be a time to give it a try.