This time lat year I can remember that one of my friends sent me a link to something ‘cool’ in his words, and the link took me to the Rising S Company website. To those of you who may not be aware of what this company is, they create shelters which people can use in the event of a global emergency or crisis. This could be a nuclear attack, a civil war or perhaps even something like… a global pandemic where a nasty virus rips the world apart. Naturally when I first saw the website I didn’t think much of it, but now it has become pretty clear just why this is an important company.

After the year that we have all had, here are just some of the reasons why survival planning may not be a terrible idea.

Panic Buying

I genuinely never considered just what panic buying would look like in times of crisis but we have already seen this year exactly what the reaction of people is. In the early days of this pandemic we saw that people were ready to go out and loot the stores, buying up just about everything as they had no clue what on earth they were even preparing for.


What this panic buying showed more than anything else was the clear selfishness of so many people and just how quickly the words society and community would be tossed aside in favor of me, myself and I. his was evident from the panic buying, buying up so much stuff that other people could no longer buy. If this happened at the mere suggestion of a virus, just imagine what could happen if something more serious and sinister came along.

Lockdown Comfort

I have seen the Twitter feeds of some of these people who they call ‘preppers’ and I can tell you for sure that they have been having a much better time than the rest of us. These guys and girls have been planning for something like this for a very long time and that is why they have been able to make sure that they have plenty of food, drinks and entertainment. This is certainly a big reminder of those who have gotten it right, and those who haven’t.

The Reality

Above all else if you had described to people this time last year about what was going to take place in the last 12 months there is no way that anyone would have believed you. This is fine of course, but now it is clear that something of this scale could be a reality and that is yet another reason why we have to be sure that we take this kind of thing seriously. There could easily be another pandemic, a nuclear disaster or attack and it could certainly have a huge impact on who we are and our way of life.

Always remember the importance of planning for the unthinkable.