I often watch the videos which Roger Wolfson puts up on his channel and in particular I am often inspired by the way in which he talks about growth and success, and how to find it. One particular aspect which I have seen him touch on numerous times, is the need to have good friends around you. Now we all need friends who look out for us and who are there through thick and thin, and that will never change. Beyond these friends however those who we invite into our life should be friends who are ambitious and who are positive, and here is why.

Drives Motivation

I will always want my friends to do well in their lives, but I am a competitive soul and that is why I also want to use their success to inspire me to find levels of success that are the same or better than my friends. Ultimately the point here is that if your friends are ambitious and driven towards success then that will rub off on you. Equally if your friends are not so dedicated to success, if they are happy with their lot and they are quite content to stay where they are, it is likely that this will also rub off on you and you will risk not achieving what it was that you set out to.

Mental Health

If you have a friend who constantly feels down, who always needs something from you or who, no matter how hard you try just doesn’t seem to want to help themselves, this is something which is going to really play on your mental health. Over time this type of friend will absolutely bring you down and if you feel that you have tried as much as you can with them, then it may be time to start distancing yourself from them. Ultimately we only get one life and empathy is great until the point where it becomes abusive and someone depends on you to make them feel better about themselves. Always help friends when their down, but if someone becomes an anchor then you have to cut them loose.

Lifting You Up

On this feeling of being down in the dumps, it is something that is entirely natural, sometimes life really doesn’t help you very much and it can catch you out and leave you down. If in this situation you have friends who are ready to pick you up and put a positive spin on things then this is infinitely better than the idea that you could have friends who are equally as down and who will simply enjoy you being down with them. This again is why we need more positivity in our lives and that starts with the people who we hang around with and spend our time with.

Aim for success, ambition, honesty and positivity in your friends, do so and you will see that having a great impact on your life.