A great hobby to get your kids into is writing and today we are going to talk about the many ways in which this can really benefit your kids. There are many famous authors and writers around the world, people like Roger Wolfson, who are actively encouraging more parents to get their kids into creative writing. This movement is not without merit and if you have kids, regardless of what age they may be, getting them into writing is something which will be brilliant for them.

Here is why creative writing is an excellent idea for kids.

Creative Expression

We are at our most creative when we are younger and kids very much need a place where they can express that creativity. When they write they are able to let their minds run free and create stories and ideas which they may not be able to do in other areas of their lives. If you get kids into writing things down now, you will find that they can begin to really use this as an outlet for their creativity now and in the future.

Exploring Ideas and Emotions

Growing up can be tough and that is why we have to give kids the way in which they can explore ideas and emotions which they are going through. We may not realize it but the mind works in strange ways and when we write we very often allow our thoughts to fall out onto the page. This can be a fantastic tool for kids to really get to grips with the things that they are feeling and the emotions which they may be going through.


Writing stories and ideas is not just about being creative, it also serves as a great educational tool as well. Kids will be able to have a stronger grasp of vocabulary and the more that they write, the more that the are going to learn. This is something which can then help our kids in the coming years as they take on new knowledge and ideas. Writing is very much the cornerstone for learning and if you can get them into the habit of writing things down, then you will certainly be helping them from an educational standpoint.

Great Hobby

Kids need to understand that this is a hobby and not something which they are being forced to do. If you can do this then you will have given them an amazing gift of carrying out a hobby which is actually helpful to them in so many ways. This will help them to use up a lot of their free time, you will be encouraging them to think differently and as mentioned, there are educational benefits to this as well. If kids think that this is something which they absolutely have to do, then they simply won’t give it the time or the commitment which you need them to in order to reap the rewards.

A great idea for kids of all ages.