The idea of working when you are not in the office was something that many years ago was impossible. Even back then important business deals hanged on the edge of a fax, so working remotely certainly wasn’t an option. The internet however, and some other welcome additions have changed all of that. In fact we are almost all now in a very good position to be able to work when we are not even in the office. This may be mind blowing to some of you, but it is in fact a reality.

There are so many benefits to both employers and employees when it comes to working remotely, and here is why it is easier than ever.

Software Packages

It is not just the fact that we have internet connections which enable us to work remotely, we also need software. There is a plethora of software options out there when it comes to helping us work remotely. On the once hand you have companies such as Shift Smart which connects workers to companies, on the other hand you have software suites which are committed to helping with employee management. This was a fear for many businesses, which queried how they could manage their staff if they weren’t in the office. Software has ironed out all of these wrinkles.

Co-Working Spaces

Not everyone is able to work from their own home, some because of the fact that there is too much going on and others because they simply haven’t got the space or conditions. There is always the option of working in a cafe or a restaurant but this isn’t sustainable for getting a good day’s work done. This is why the emergence of co-working spaces has been so important for the world of remote working. These spaces give the perfect place for people to work, in privacy, and still get that office feeling. It is significantly cheaper for companies to pay for co-working space memberships than it is to pay for a full blown office, and that is why companies are happy to do it.

Widespread Fast Internet

Even though we had the internet back in 2010 for example, there is no way that it would’ve been able to help us when it comes to remote working. The reasons for this are that the internet simply wasn’t fast enough, and also that the internet simply wasn’t widespread enough. If we look at today’s world as an example we can now pretty much work whilst we are on the move, using our smartphones. This increased speed and technology enables us to stay in touch like never before. This is exactly why remote working is now growing at a rapid speed and it is also why it will continue to do so.

This way of working just offers too many benefits for employees and employers to ignore, and now that it is so easy, there is no reason we all shouldn’t do it.