Some Do’s and Don’ts When You’ve Got a Leaky Pipe

If it isn’t repaired correctly, a leaking pipe can cause major damage to your home. Read on for some do’s and don’ts when it comes to fixing your dripping plumbing.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

Whether the problem appears to be big or small, a leak of any size should be addressed immediately. For starters, a leak that goes unchecked can reduce the water pressure in your home and send your water bills soaring. In fact, if the leak is hidden an unexpected increase in your water bill can be one of the first signs you have a problem.

Beyond those minor nuisances, big trouble can erupt from even the slowest of drips. Because piping is run through your home’s ceilings, walls and floors, everything from weakened drywall to peeling paint to buckled floorboards can result. Your ceiling or floor may even collapse, creating a dangerous scenario for anyone in your home. You also run the risk of developing mold and mildew growth, which can cause not only structural damage but may also lead to health problems for your family.

Do Implement a Temporary Fix

First, shut off the water valve then turn on any faucets that are connected to the leaking pipe in order to remove all remaining water. Wipe down the pipe at the site of the leak and let it air dry. Use some epoxy to seal the leak, and if possible enclose the area with a swatch of rubber; taking a cutting from your garden hose and clamping it in place should do the trick. Finally, wrap the leak in waterproof tape, then turn the water back on to make sure that the repair is holding.

Do Call in the Professionals

Remember that a temporary fix is not a permanent solution. After you’ve gotten the leak patched it’s time to contact an expert. Search for a plumber in Salt Lake City or in your area to repair your leak properly. A professional will have equipment like a pipe cutter and soldering torch that are needed to complete the repair, and he or she can also check for additional leaks and damage you might not have noticed yourself. Most plumbers will also guarantee their work so you’re not left in a bind if the repair doesn’t hold.

Avoid permanent damage to your home by addressing a leaking pipe right away. You can perform a quick fix yourself and then work with a plumbing professional to finish the job correctly.