We love our cars and with good reason. They get us to and from important places, Keep our families safe on the road and provide for us a means to fulfill many of our needs. Many of us take selecting a car as a simple matter of cost and that it fits the needs of the person and their family. Others seek to purchase an auto that makes a statement. Although both of these types of people might think that the car they choose is based completely on their own desires, there is actually a survey that says the car they select gives some insight into their personality and driving habits.

What Your Car Choice Says About You

According to a survey of drivers in the United Kingdom by LeaseCar.UK, your car can give a broad range of insight into your personality both in the car dealership and behind the road. The results are pretty surprising most of the time and in other cases it is just what you might expect. Read on to learn about how the car you select can give an indication of your driving habits.

What Kind of Car would You likely Select if You are a Bad Driver?

The survey asked respondents to select the three car brands they felt bad drivers own. BMW was the overwhelming selection, with more than 68% of the responses. Audi at 50% and Mercedes at 47% were the next highest brands selected.

What Age Group Drives the Worst?

Here you might think that the oldest drivers would be selected the most, but surprisingly the youngest drivers were selected more often. Drivers between the ages of 17-30 were most picked with drivers aged 61+. Nest. The safest drivers are thought to be those between the ages of 45-60 years old.

The Drivers of What Age Group are the Angriest?

If you drive the answer here will be of no surprise. People in their 30s and early 40s are thought to be the angriest drivers. And those who are older than 61 are selected as the least angry. And those angry drivers typically drive BMWs by the way.

Are Men or Women worse Drivers?

It is a running story about women being terrible drivers, but the results of the survey tell a completely different story. Respondents in an overwhelming 65% said that men are worse drivers than women. So men, next time you are the wife are in the car, let her drive to keep you both safer on the road.

The information in the survey is both fun and interesting and gives some good insight into how our cars tell us a lot about our driving habits. Review the information and you might learn more about why you drive the car you do, and if you need to perhaps improve your driving habits.