Remember those workout videos from the 1980s where the exercise instructor always told you to “feel the burn”? While it’s important to exert yourself during exercise, it’s even more essential to stay within certain limits during physical activity. Not doing so can have serious consequences for your health and well-being. You’ll learn why the clothes you wear, proper hydration, proper technique, and the right amount of exertion are all vital when it comes to exercising the right way.




What you wear when you exercise makes a difference. There are a few reasons why the right clothes and footwear will help you have a more effective workout. Among them is that when you’re more comfortable during a workout, you can make more dynamic movements, have better technique, and even sweat while feeling comfortable at the same time.


But what should you wear when you exercise? A good pair of exercise leggings or compression shorts will serve you well in most workouts. But if you’re more comfortable in your most worn-in sweatpants and your high school t-shirt, then that can also make for the right workout attire.




When you exercise, it’s so vital to drink plenty of water. Not only does water flush out the toxins in your body. It also allows your body to replace some of the fluids you lose when you sweat during a workout.


A couple of hours before you start your workout, you should drink up to 20 ounces of water. As you progress through your daily exercise regimen, drinking up to 10 ounces of water is recommended. Then consume another eight ounces thirty minutes after the conclusion of your workout.


There are genuine dangers of not drinking enough fluids during physical activity. For one thing, both your heart rate and your body temperature could rise. When the amount of water in your body is below a certain level, your body finds it hard to regulate its heat levels. This can result in you feeling a lot more tired after your workout.




Your level of personal comfort should always be kept at the forefront when you’re exercising. But another thing you should keep in mind is your technique. Having the proper technique during strenuous exercise is of the utmost importance. Having the wrong technique can result in injury and discomfort during a workout.


To ensure that you have proper technique, pay close attention to how the exercise instructor is positioning the different parts of their body. Often, the instructor will go into detail about proper positioning to prevent injury. If you can’t place yourself in the optimal position that the exercise calls for, many exercise videos provide a modified version of the movement that you can do.


Level of Exertion


Was Jane Fonda right? Should we all feel the burn at all times? Yes and no. You should find new ways to exert yourself in your workouts. But exerting yourself too much can result in injury. Of course, you don’t want to cruise through your workout. Make some effort should to “feel the burn.” But if you’re finding it hard to breathe and maintain proper technique, that’s a sign that you’re exerting yourself too much.


To develop a lifelong exercise habit, it has to be both fun and challenging. But not too challenging! The key is to find the balance between exertion and comfort and common sense. But once you find a place where you’re comfortable, continually working toward more and more excitement and achievement in physical fitness will make exercise more gratifying.