When you check out the list of the best Aussie casinos on a site like this one https://www.australianonlinecasinosites.com/, you will see that many offer a sportsbook with plenty of betting options. One of the most attractive features of sports betting is a parlay or ‘accumulator’ bet, which allows you to place a single bet on multiple outcomes. There are many reasons why people like to pick these bets, mainly because of the increased return which someone can get if they win. Each bet on the acca will multiply as the results come in, giving you a bigger potential return. 

Before you start placing accumulator bets however, here are some tips which you need to bear in mind. 

Crazy Odds

The biggest mistake which many punters make is that they get carried away by the potential payout if all their bets come in. For example let’s say that you make 6 picks for which football teams will win at the weekend, and place it on an accumulator. You may end up with odds of 2000/1, which of course is a very attractive possibility if it wins, especially if you place $10 on it. Realistically however, that bet is 2000/1 for a reason, because the chances of it happening are incredibly slim. There is nothing wrong with a $1 punt from time to time, just remember not to get carried away by ridiculously high odds, they are high for a reason!

Not Much Value 

On the flip side of this, casinos will also offer a 3 fold accumulator for a particular event, which actually don’t offer much value. When it comes to laying bets at a casino USA sportsbooks love to promote these parlays (accumulators) for single events. Unfortunately however the potential odds for these bets is usually around 3/1, but 3 or 4 events must take place in order for it to happen. This just doesn’t seem like good value given the probability of every event happening. If you are going to place an accumulator then make your own picks, and don’t get carried away by what the casino offers.

Cashing Out 

If you are placing a bet like this at a sportsbook which offers you in-play betting then always make sure that you keep an eye on what your cash out options are. Let’s say that you place a 5-fold accumulator and one game kicks off later than the rest, you may be in for a big win without even having to see the last game out. If the first 4 legs of your bet come in then you could be on for a great cash out. In some cases you can cash out a percentage of your bet, and let the rest ride on that last game. In doing this you can make sure that you have still taken some profit, no matter what happens in that last game. Don’t be greedy, take some winnings and move on to the next bet. 

Be careful when you are placing accumulators at the sportsbook.