As a consumer nowadays, you have hundreds, if not thousands, of choices of products and services to choose from whenever you need something. From buying laundry detergent to hiring a landscaping company, you’re tasked with navigating through several different options that at first might not seem so different. Being mindful of your spending habits and decisions can lead to more sustainable living for everyone.


Some people might pick the least expensive option to save money, and others might use a service with a philosophy in line with their own. And then there’s the option that will be a boon to the Earth’s environment.


If you think that your purchases can go towards making our great home just a little bit better, here are some things to think about:

Waste Prevention


Waste is a significant byproduct of many goods and services. You might not realize it, but most of the stuff you might buy at the supermarket will have waste.


Plastic and cellophane packaging goes right in the trash. Some materials may be recyclable, but the prevention of waste in the first place is best. There are actually some instances where materials intended to be recycled unfortunately do not arrive at their destination, and instead end up in landfills. Even materials that are correctly recycled can only be recycled so much before they are considered waste, so while it’s better than nothing, waste prevention is the ultimate goal.


Consider buying products that don’t have any packaging. Things like fruit and vegetables are plentiful. There’s also the matter of choosing to do business with companies that make a point to be sustainable.


Energy Efficiency


Investing in home improvements aimed at improving energy efficiency is another way consumers can use their spending habits to be more sustainable. For example, hiring a sheet metal company in Santa Rosa to upgrade the HVAC system. Newer heating and cooling technologies enable homeowners to achieve comfortable climate control with significantly less energy used in the process.

Making Products


Some people might not want to give up the convenience of being able to go to the store and buy some toothpaste, shampoo, dishwasher liquid, soap, etc. But these and many other household consumables are relatively simple to make at home with a proper setup. You don’t need fancy machines or a huge workshop to make some simple soap at home.


Buying some simple base ingredients and doing a little bit of research will enable you to make several home goods yourself and lower the amount of waste you would have made if you had gotten them at a store instead. Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t buy anything in a package, but taking steps to lower your waste is a simple good thing you can do for the environment.

Companies that Use Clean Energy


If you need service done that you can’t do yourself, shop around to find a good company that uses clean energy. This would be things like using organic products versus chemical-laden products, and electric vehicles and equipment versus gas-powered machines.


Using companies like this will help not only to reduce your carbon footprint but is likely to provide an excellent service as they’re already doing something to help the environment by providing these services in the first place.


Find a nice non-profit group with a cause you care about. It could be planting trees, cleaning up littered highways, or helping the needy. The more people that are helping in groups like these, the better the planet will be. Whether you donate money or time is up to you, but if you can spare a little to help a little, go for it.