Kratom is an Asian herb that has been growing in western popularity over the past 15 years. It has many uses and serves many purposes, functioning as a natural source for energy, relaxation, pain relief, and more. If you’re seeking to find a bit more details on this popular herb, seek no further.

We at The Kratom Connection specialize in all things kratom and so we wanted to break the break down in today’s brief guide to kratom and why it’s so great.

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The Kratom Connection Guide to Kratom

So let’s address the reason why you’re here, what is kratom? Kratom is a herb that originates from Southern Asia. It’s a plant with leaves of different colors, these colors vary in effect (in terms of your body’s reaction). Red leaves are used for pain relief, while green and white leaves are used for energizing or euphoric purposes.

Kratom is consumed in a variety of ways. In Asia, where it is cultivated, it can be consumed raw, the leaf that is. Many also are known to consume the leaf by brewing the leaves in a tea and drinking it as so.

In the west, it’s often consumed via capsule (that is the powder is pre-dosed in the capsule), taking it as you would a vitamin or supplement. Another way it is often consumed is a powder form, simply putting the desired amount into a shake or tea as one would for a protein shake or matcha tea.

Benefits of Kratom

So what’re the benefits of using kratom? Why do people take it for energy, sleep aid, or as pain relief when they can drink a coffee, take a sleep aid supplement, or get prescribed Codeine?

Plenty of reasons. Kratom is a natural alternative to pain relief or sleep aide medications so many find the herb’s appeal due to its natural or holistic form. It too has other benefits apart from the sleep aid or pain relief as it is known to help with anxiety or depression.

For the purpose of energy, some simply prefer kratom over coffee. Both are apart of the same “family tree” and therefore have similar energizing effects, however, some individuals prefer kratom’s effects over coffee’s.

Kratom is a mood booster, a stress reducer, and increases the mind’s productivity and creativity naturally. Reasons as such are why many people prefer kratom over coffee, and it’s easy to understand why; coffee is caffeine and while it energizes, it too can increase anxiety and cause high stress.

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