The influence of television, movies, and high-fashion magazines leads young girls to believe that they must maintain at least a size 6. If they are any larger, they feel inferior to other females. Truth be told, most of the population is not a size 6 and never will be. Accepting who you are and promoting healthy values is what’s important.


Dress to Impress  —  You


You should never wear clothing that’s restrictive or uncomfortable simply to impress others. How you feel is what matters. There are several brands that sell beautiful plus size sun dresses, slacks, tops, and accessories. Go online and find a few cute outfits and wear them with attitude while you transition to a smaller size. 


Eating Right


Bone structures and body types vary. You can have zero fat on your body and still wear a size 9. However, carrying an abundance of extra weight that lacks any resemblance to muscle is unhealthy. A healthy diet composed of foods with nutritional value such as fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, yogurt, lean meats, and good fats, will trim the fat from your body slowly and give your full figure a more shapely appearance.


Remain Positive 


Being overweight tends to make people shy away from social engagements. Don’t let your extra weight prevent you from enjoying the company of others. Socializing is an important part of being human. Interaction with people helps you to sustain mental stability. 


You Can Lose Weight


Being severely overweight can cause serious health issues later on. However, losing weight rapidly is also harmful. Instead, take the slow approach and set goals to lose 5 to 10 pounds each month. When you lose weight slowly, you increase the chances of keeping it off. The reason it works is that while you lose weight, you’re adjusting to better eating habits that you carry with you going forward. 


Diet and Exercise Enhance the Results


Diet alone won’t give you the “wow” factor you want. Combine regular workouts of at least 30 to 40 minutes two to three times a week and, as the pounds come off, the muscles remain firm and enticing. If you prefer not to join a gym, that’s not a problem. There are many workout tapes and apps online that you can download and connect to your television to achieve the effect of being there working out with others. You can further enhance the results by picking up the pace when running errands or doing chores such as house cleaning. 


Avoid Stress


Prolonged stress can put you at risk for poor health. It can also add extra pounds due to a false sense of hunger created by elevated levels of the hormone cortisol. When you stress, your insulin levels increase simultaneously with a lower level of blood sugar. When this occurs, your body sends a signal that it craves fatty and sugary foods. While you’ll never eliminate stress, reducing it will prevent these high-calorie urges.   


Eliminate Late-Night Snacks


Eating within an hour of your bedtime is a recipe for weight gain. With no physical activity to burn calories, your body takes in the calories versus utilizing them throughout the day. Watching movies and spending time on social media are a few triggers that cause the hand-to-mouth excessive eating. If you want to eat something while unwinding, make healthier choices. Raw vegetables minus the dip, a small cup of yogurt, or a few unsalted nuts will satisfy your hunger without contributing to weight gain. 


Most people are larger than a size 6 due to their inherited body shape and type. You can, however, look and feel your best by maintaining a healthy weight