Maintaining a website running on the WordPress platform is no easy task. From making sure your site security is up to date to using correct web protocols, there are a ton of things that have to be done properly in order for your website not to suffer from security issues or lack of proper operation. Accessibility is an important part of the web, and it’s getting more and more important every day. Using correct typography, color contrast, and awareness of various devices will help make your site accessible to anyone! Adding accessiBe WordPress to your site will give you great insights into any place where your visitors may be having problems.

We’ve been using it for a while now, and we want to share ten things you need to know about accessiBe.

  1. No settings! It’s super easy to install. Just select plugin, install & done! No on/off switchers or whatnot, so it won’t mess up the appearance of your website!
  2. You have full control of how much data is shown via the shortcode generator in the administration area. Just select which reports you want to view, and they’re added onto your posts automatically.
  3. The plugin gives you info that the average user probably doesn’t even think about when checking your website: color contrast & readability, font size, weight adaptation, and visual high quality of text.
  4. If you’ve never done it before, adding alt tags to images will give a boost to accessibility – ever wonder why there’s an option for it in the plugin? Now you know!
  5. accessiBe is jam packed with all kinds of reports on things like device support (web vs. app), privacy, SEO-friendly URLs, and more! There’s really no end to how much we can learn from this plugin!
  6. The active user’s chart gives us an insight into who’s using our site: how often they visit and where they’re located. It also shows us what kind of device they’re using! Now we know if we should bother supporting certain browsers and whatnot!
  7. accessiBe gives us a periodic email about the usage on our site and how it’s doing in terms of accessibility, so we can adjust things accordingly. This helps with keeping to web standards & best practices.
  8. We love the various trends reports – they show us how our site is doing! If there are any potential issues, they’re easy enough to fix.
  9. accessiBe gives us the insights needed to know which posts are working best for our users and which posts could be made better by making them more accessible. This helps us keep our content interesting & relevant!
  10. The plugin was recently updated with a custom 404 page, an improved compatibility & security check, and more! We’re excited to see where accessiBe will go from here!

accessiBe WordPress provides you with all the tools needed to create a high-quality website accessible to all people worldwide! It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re trying to show your website visitors. From the Dashboard widget for quick insight into things like color contrast & readability to more detailed reports like alt tags on images or device support, you’ll get all the tools needed in one place!