Transforming our loft areas into another living space or bedroom has become a very popular and common practice in modern times. The more things we accumulate, the more space we need, and sometimes using the loft space is an excellent way to achieve this. For others, it can be as families start to grow, more space is needed but moving house may not be an option so the best thing to do is to use the loft as another bedroom, or maybe even two. In past generations, many children might have shared one bedroom in a small house. But this isn’t how many like to live now. In many homes, each child will have their own bedroom.

There are many things you could do with your loft space, but some things are needed no matter what: flooring, insulation and, unless you are going to steal room from the floor below for a flight of stairs, a loft ladder kit. Many people like to take on transforming their loft space as a DIY project. It can be exciting but also quite a daunting project, so it is good to think of what is involved and have a good plan. Also, to consider is whether this space is going to be counted as an extra bedroom for if you ever want to sell it in the future. If it is, then certain regulations need to be met and inspected to see that it is up to standard.

For most people, the best way to access the loft is using a loft ladder. This is by far the most popular choice when doing out a loft. A loft ladder is a great choice because when the loft isn’t being used, the ladder can be tucked up and away into the loft space, so it does not impact on the floor below. It is a much easier option than having to build a whole staircase and much cheaper too. Another benefit is that loft ladders are secured and sturdy and safe to use.

One thing that people have commented on with loft ladders is that they can sometimes be hard to get down from the loft space. But this does not have to be the case. Many now have mechanisms to slowly release the ladder at a safe and comfortable rate. Something else some people opt for is an electric ladder. Whatever you decide, be sure to consider your options and plan carefully.