When renovating your kitchen there is a great amount of scope with regards to what styles and themes you can choose from. Regardless of the size of your kitchen or your budget, the world really is your oyster. With this being said, no matter what kind of makeover you are giving the kitchen, there are a number of features which are most certainly considered as being essential. From in cupboard bins to narrow drawers, here are the some of the fundamental features which you need to incorporate in your new kitchen. 

Hide The Bin 

A bin is of course necessary in the kitchen but having it on show isn’t always a smart idea. Even with a lid the bin can smell bad and any food which falls down the side can dry and make the whole room look a little unhygienic. The smart move is to hide the bin inside a cupboard, where it can be easily accessed yet remains completely out of sight. 

Stove Tap 

In recent years we have seen more and more taps being installed above the stove, a fantastic idea which helps when cooking. Whether you are filling up a saucepan for potatoes, pasta or rice, being able to pour directly above the stove just makes life easier. There is also a safety point here, as you won’t have to carry a heavy saucepan across the kitchen or risk spilling water on the floor and creating a slip hazard. 

Corner Storage 

For a very long time kitchen designs were flawed in that they failed to utilize the space in the corner of the kitchen. Even with a double cupboard door, items could easily get lost at the back of the cupboard cavity, and they certainly weren’t accessible. Things have changed however and there are many options which you can look to such as rotating cupboards for your corner storage, which maximize every inch of space. 

Narrow Cupboard 

Instead of wasting space which doesn’t fit in with the dimensions of the rest of the counter, add a very narrow cupboard which pulls out on wheels. These are ideal for the storage of things like herbs and spices which come in small bottles. Not only does this installation ensure that you are using up all the space in the kitchen, they also help to hide products in order to get a much cleaner finish in the kitchen. 

Hanging Items

If you are able to then adding a rack just below the ceiling makes for a great addition to the kitchen and gives you the perfect place to hang utensils and pots. This will also free up space in other areas of the kitchen, and it can be a great idea for those who have a smaller kitchen area. This is not just a great idea from a design point of view, but it also makes commonly used items much more accessible. 

These are just some of the features which you should be looking to add to your kitchen when you are giving it a makeover.