Slipping and falling are dangerous incidents that can happen to anyone, anytime, at any place. You can fall after slipping on a small puddle of water on a tiled floor in a mall or supermarket. You can slip while climbing down the stairs or when you’re on a boat. There are so many occasions where slipping can cause further damage to a person, some of which can be serious.

Homeowners, managers, or business owners need to learn more about non-slip paints, like the non-skid paint by Durabak. For the safety of your family members, employees, and customers, it is critical to check the floors in your business or home to identify sleek and smooth areas, which can cause people to trip, slip, or fall. It is not only liquid that can cause a person to slip. Dirt and clutter can likewise increase the chances of slipping and falling. 

Non-skid paints

Non-skid paints or anti-slip paints are specially formulated for application on various surfaces to provide rough texture to increase the grip in any condition. Coating the floors of your home or establishment with non-skid paints will prevent slipping and falling accidents.

The market offers several anti-slip products in various colors and finishes. You should know the difference between these products and understand your specific needs before you buy.

You will find different products for each type of flooring. For example, there are specific non-skid paints for tiles, wood, and stone. Find a product that is made from high-quality and durable ingredients that will last for many years. Likewise, check the application method and the drying or curing time, as slipping accidents can affect your business and home life. 

Different types of non-skid paint and others

Each type of non-skid paint offers different benefits, such as a smooth texture with thin, clear anti-slip coating or increased traction through small textured particles mixed with the paint.

  • Non-slip epoxy paint. This paint is tough and long-lasting. In addition, the textured finish is friendly to bare feet. Non-slip epoxy paint is oil-based and suitable for natural stone, tiles, wood, concrete, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel surfaces. The paint is easy to apply, long-lasting, resistant to chemicals, affordable, and increases the grip when wet. 
  • Urethane non-skid paints. Non-skid urethane coatings are suitable for commercial and industrial use as they provide a stronger and deeply textured non-skid surface. Urethane paints are excellent for factory floors, machine-operating areas, loading ramps, warehouse floors, and walkways. They are likewise easy to apply, weather-resistant, and available in a range of colors.
  • Non-skid films. If you need a non-skid coating for small areas, consider using a film coating. It comes in a roll, with adhesive on one side. You can cut the film to size and apply it to a clean and dry surface. Non-skid films can stick to almost any surface. It is likewise waterproof and durable enough to withstand standard cleaning products and procedures.
  • Tapes. Another product that applies to smaller areas is non-skid tapes. Tapes are perfect for different areas, such as floors that change elevation, ramps, and places where people wash their hands. Tapes are also ideal for the edges of stair steps. 

Ensure that you are using the correct type of non-skid paint for the areas you need to treat. You can also consult an expert to evaluate the floors and other areas to apply the right product.