You realize the importance of staying close to home to survive the global pandemic, but keeping those feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression at bay is becoming more of a challenge as the months fly by. You may step out of the house on occasion to run some errands, handle necessary tasks, or to get some fresh air, yet, for the most part, everyday life is monotonous and emotionally overwhelming. 


Feeling like you’re trapped with no place to go and nothing to do is daunting. Remaining in this emotional state for too long, however, can quickly turn into a mental health problem. Though you may not be able to control what’s going on right now, you can combat these overwhelming emotions by using your time wisely. Below are some ideas. 


Home Projects


Are there some things that need to be done in or around your house? Now that you have time on your hands, you can use it to complete these projects. You can deep-clean your home from top to bottom, schedule appointments to have your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems serviced or do some DIY renovations to update your home. 


Financial Planning


Have you given serious thought to how you will financially survive the ongoing pandemic? If the answer to these questions is no, you may want to take this time to get your finances in order. Take an in-depth look at your current income, debt, monthly expenses, and savings to develop a budget, debt repayment, and emergency savings plan to secure you through these uncertain times. 


Invest in a Hobby


All fun and no play has never been an effective way to live. If you’ve found your days to be pretty borning since the pandemic, liven things up by investing in a hobby or personal interest. Indulging in a hobby regularly takes your mind off the madness and allows you to enjoy being at home. Consider your interests and select a hobby to occupy your time. Do you love cars? Why not update your ride with some new carpets, a fresh coat of paint, headlights, or some WRX mudflaps? Maybe you enjoy painting or pottery? If so, you can clear out space in your home, design a studio, and create masterpieces. 


Start a Business


Whether you’re unemployed, worried about job security, or ready for a change in your life, starting a business is an effective way to solve your problems. Thanks, in part to modern technology, there are a ton of companies you can start with minimal investment upfront. Consider your current profession, personal/professional experience, educational background, and overall interests as you decide which business idea is best suited for you. 


Spend Time With Loved Ones


Don’t spend so much time stressing over the pandemic that you don’t prioritize what matters most. As thousands of lives are tragically lost every day, cherishing the time you have with loved ones is essential. Spending quality time together strengthens your relationships while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Watch movies, play games, or do crafts with your kids, plan date nights at home with your significant other, video chat with distant or high-risk relatives, and schedule small outdoor gatherings or activities with friends. 


Improve Your Health


If you’ve been keeping up with current news, you know that the coronavirus can affect anyone. The best way to reduce your risks and/or improve your chances of survival is to maintain good health. Eating well-balanced meals, exercising, managing stress, and getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every day are just a few impactful ways to keep your physical and emotional health under control. 


Don’t allow the stress and emotional overwhelm of sheltering in place to cost you your physical or emotional well-being. By filling your days with activities such as those discussed above, you can ease the tension and make life during a pandemic easier to get through.