Figuring out how to make money from home isn’t simple. Some folks think about things they can make at home, like jewelry, but the chances of making reliable income are not high. The following are a few ways you can make money you can rely on.


Data Entry


Many consider data entry to be one of the most reliable jobs online. Now, this isn’t exactly glamorous, but it’s definitely a job you’ll find out there. The pay starts relatively low, but it can go up higher, depending on how good you are. Still, what you get is reliability, so it should make your transition from regular jobs to home-based jobs much more manageable. This is the kind of job that will require you to pay attention to details, so try to keep that in mind. Some folks in the data entry business work as freelancers, but if you want a secure paycheck, look for a salary job.


Certified Public Accountant


Another option for making good money at home is to become a certified public accountant. Most of the home-based jobs you hear about require that you take a leap a faith, but a job like this is more secure. The job of a certified public accountant is in demand, so you’ll get hired. As the name suggests, you’ll need to get certified to get hired. A CPA review exam is one of the last of a series of steps required to become a certified public accountant. With this in mind, it’s important to note that the job of a CPA is nothing to take lightly. It’s not a side-hustle, so much as a full-time career.


Editing and Proofreading


A degree in English or journalism can get your foot in the door in a career in editing. This is one of those jobs you can perform online and can be relatively lucrative. There’s a lot of types of companies looking for editors, like book editors or folks who’ll edit online posts or other written content. You could even get hired by online newspapers. No matter what kind of content you want to work on, these folks do get paid a fair amount of cash, and the work can be done from home.


Graphic Designer


A certification or a degree in graphic design can be useful for you. Income opportunities as a graphic designer are varied and numerous, making it an ideal job for freelancers. The work is done entirely on the computer, so you aren’t required to go anywhere. A graphic designer can do anything from coming up with a logo for a business to creating a new website for another. This is a pretty competitive world, but there are enough companies out there looking for new talent. Since you are working from home, you can use your degree to do a little freelance work on the side to make some additional cash.




Becoming a transcriber could also be a good idea. This is another one of those tedious jobs, but you could make a good chunk of cash with minimal education. You need to be able to type quickly, and you should be able to pay attention to detail. What you’ll be doing is jotting down information found in audio recordings or videos. This information is then labeled and stored away. Depending on who hires you, you could end up making a good amount of cash. There are some freelance positions as well if you want to make some additional cash on the side.


These are just some ways to make good money from home. There are other things you can do, but this should help guide you in the right direction.