After the UK government announced that the nation would be going into a second lockdown, I began to start getting myself prepared, as I was damn sure that I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes that I did the first time around. I watched a great webinar with Bryan Cumby, life coach and personal motivator, who was talking about the importance of hope. Bryan in particular was discussing the importance of positive planning for the future and why it was so necessary in order to remain optimistic. This is something which really stayed with me and so during this lockdown, I made sure to write a continuous list of things which I would do when all of this was over.

This has been beneficial for me and here is why I think that you may find it beneficial too.

Remembering The Feelings

Wen we go through a situation, perhaps a tough one or one where something is taken away from us, our natural reaction is to swear to never let something happen again, or to be better in the future as a result. This is the same thing which has happened to so many of us during lockdown, because so many of us have had our freedom taken away, we vow to do a million things when we get it back. Unfortunately what happens here is that when you eventually do get that freedom, you forget those feelings and don’t end up doing the stuff you said you would. Writing a list of tasks and reasons why you will do them, is designed to make sure that you stick to the list.

Giving Hope

Something which Cumby touches on is giving hope, and the importance of giving hope to yourself for the future. In writing a list like this, you are giving yourself the hope that one day all of this goes away, that there will come a day when you are able to make all of these things a reality. The only thing which is getting most of us through this awful year is the hope that sooner or later it will all go away and it will all be back to normal.


Another greatly important reason why we should have lists like this is that you may find that you have to put some effort into planning whatever it is that you have put on the list in the first place. For example I have made it my umber one priority to visit the Taj Mahal when all of this is over, yet I understand, only too well, that I will have to save up quite a bit of cash in order to do it in the right way. This of course has helped me to realize that now is the time that I start saving. The list has helped me to get organized for this trip.

When you decide what you want to do post-lockdown, make sure that you get it on that list.