More dog owners are becoming wise to the fact that dogs, just like humans are susceptible to an intolerance or allergy to grain including corn and wheat gluten.  There are actually other health benefits as well to changing your dog’s diet to a grain free food, wither wet or dry. So what exactly goes into the best grain free dry dog food?  Is the grain replaced with other carbohydrates?  Are there other ingredients your dog could be allergic to?

The Best Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Grain free dog food is available because many dogs are allergic to grains, or are intolerant of them.  This often results in gastrointestinal and digestive issues which can including bad breath, flatulence, vomiting, bloating and lack of appetite.  Like human allergies the symptoms may also show themselves in the form of dry skin conditions, which might also affect their coat so it is dull. A constant diet of food which contains allergens that affect your dog will likely give them poor immune health, low energy levels and susceptibility to other health problems.

By eliminating grain from the ingredient’s list two of the most common allergens are eliminated from your dog’s food.  Both corn and wheat gluten are two of the most common allergens for dogs. The other three which can also be common in regular dog foods are chicken, soy and potato.  By purchasing foods which eliminate the two grains you will know if it is these grains that are affecting your dog’s health or perhaps another ingredient. But eliminating grains is a good start.

Other Health Benefits of Grain Free Dry Dog Food

There are additional benefits to grain free dog foods as well.  Not surprisingly, cheaper mainstream dog foods are filled with cheaper ingredients to ensure prices are kept low, but that does come at the cost of your dogs health, just as it would if we gorged on the cheapest food available to us in the supermarket.  Cheaper dog foods are packed with cheap meats and cheap carbohydrates which are fast burning fatty protein and carbohydrates which mean our dogs don’t feel as full for as long and they gain weight.

Good quality grain free dog foods don’t replace grains with other cheap carbohydrates, they serve the dietary needs of a healthy dog by replacing much of the grains with more high quality proteins.  As you would suspect, looking at their teeth and their close relatives out in the wild, their main dietary need is protein, from which they also derive the vitamins and minerals required to have healthy bones, strong muscles, lean physiques and healthy immune systems, essential as a carnivore.

By addressing the balance of components in the ingredients list the result for your dog should be much better health, higher energy levels, a balanced digestive system, and less skin complaints.  Your dog will be full of vitality, have a shinier coat and nose and enjoy life much more on a grain free diet.