In this day and age, with technology being more and more prevalent in our lives, it is important to notice how it affects us.

On one side, it has indeed facilitated interpersonal communication, making it possible to connect with anyone at any given moment but on the other hand, we can all feel how it has also negatively affected us.

Everyone can notice how we spend less time having genuine interactions with other human beings, an obvious symptom of that being the fact that a lot of people tend to look at their phones, instead of taking their time to observe the world and interact with other people.

We must make a goal for ourselves to maximize our human interaction, depending on our own social needs. Here are a few reasons why we should value human interaction.

We are social beings

A big part of our power relies on the fact that we can communicate with one another in a precise way. Networking with other people is a vital thing when it comes to our self-development because we are able to learn from each other’s experiences, and also receiving feedback from other people helps us learn more about how they perceive us.

It is essential that we connect in a positive manner because it helps our general state of mind, it can help us stop overthinking about various issues, and it also serves the greater purpose of building something beautiful together.

Touch makes us feel better

It’s proven through a series of studies that human touch makes us feel better, the explanation being the fact that it will increase our levels of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, the hormones that make us feel good. That is why it’s important to show our affection for other people physically, as long as it is consensual and reciprocated.

We should value our interpersonal relationships, and we can put an accent on family and romantic relationships because they are the ones that fulfill us the most. If we are interested in finding a romantic partner, there are plenty of ways to do it, such as going out with our friends in public places, meeting friends of friends, using dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble, or even in the direct way of looking for an escort to give us their company, which can be found on websites such as Escorts2. Bonding physically with other humans will always raise our morale, and generally make our state of mind better.

Support system is vital

It’s of utmost importance that we as humans support and bring each other up because, in that way, we are allowing ourselves to grow as humans. Having trusted people to rely on in our difficult moments assures that we can always be provided with an outside perspective, which can often be very useful in spotting toxic patterns that may be appearing in our lives.

Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot notice some things present in our lives that might be affecting us in a negative manner, and because of that, it is very helpful to have close people in our life that love us and will provide us with well-intentioned advice when we are going through rough patches.