In some corners of the world granny flats are incredibly popular, but here in the US those standalone units are bigger and better than any other which are constructed. When it comes to an ADU Los Angeles in particular has a huge market for these dwelling units and more and more people are waking up to the clear potential which investing in these properties can have. If you have some space on your property, then here are just some of the benefits which you can count on should you decide to build an accessory dwelling unit in the space. 

Rental Benefits 

One of the main reasons why people build this kind of dwelling is the fact that they can then make money through renting the space out. Some will look to get long term renters into the property, others will look to go for short term style renting using the likes of AirBnb. There are benefits to both of these approaches of course but both are a fantastic option which can bring in cash flow each and every month. The beauty is that you could even make enough money to cover the cost of the investment, and you will still have an asset at the end of it. 

Adding Value 

Whenever you invest in your property it is worth considering how much value you will be able to add to the property. Building an ADU is of course a very big investment, but the great news is that so much of that money will be recouped in terms of additional value to the property. Not only will this kind of structure add value to the property, but the fact that you can offer a potentail buyer a renting opportunity makes you even more attractive. 

Independent Family 

If you have family members who are growing up then this is an ideal opportunity for you to give them some freedom whilst still being on the property. Alternatively you could bring in elderly relatives and they can live with you and the family, whilst maintaining their own independence. This is a wonderful thing which you can offer for your family members and it can work perfectly for what they are looking for.

Additional Living Space

In some cases you may simply want to create more living room in your home, and this is a great way to do it. Guests can come and visit you and stay in the space, comfortable in their very own environment whilst still staying with you. Alternatively you could use this as a summer house when the good weather comes around, and enjoy another aspect of your property without being in your own home. 

If you want to add some value, create additional living space and even bring in some rental income on your property then this is the perfect way for you to do exactly that. Build an ADU and enjoy all of these benefits.