A digital nomad is someone who has made the lifestyle choice to leave the traditional world of working and to instead hit the road and make money as they go. This is actually something which has been around for a number of years but it is the internet which has completely revolutionized this particular lifestyle choice. I made the decision to follow this type of lifestyle thanks to the brilliant Cashier Myricks, the business guru who inspired me a great deal when he spoke about making money online and the endless possibilities which this presented. I have since been enjoying the many benefits of working online and here are what I consider to be the best benefits of this lifestyle.

Location Independence

Of course one of the main benefits of this lifestyle in particular is location independence and this really does for the very foundation on which such a lifestyle is built. I adore the fact that I can move from country to country and make money as I go. I love that I could up and run tomorrow and have full faith that as long as I had an interest connection that I can get to work. There are very few lifestyles which are able to offer me anything like this kind of benefit and it is why I chose the lifestyle in the first place.

Global Partners

Another great benefit fo this lifestyle is that you are able to meet and work with people from all over the world. This of course opens up your chances of doing business with a wider group of people and it will also present a larger number of opportunities to you.

No More of the Bad Stuff

One of the biggest benefits of this lifestyle is that you don’t have to commute to get to work, you don’t have to ask for vacation time and you never have to ask for some time off to go to the dentist or the doctor. None of us enjoy these aspects of the job and thankfully it will quickly become a thing of the past when you take the plunge and decide to become a digital nomad.


Something which I really love about this lifestyle choice is that you get maximum flexibility and whilst I do have to be available at certain hours at times for some clients, in the main I work when and how I want. Sometimes I will be working late into the night, at other times I will be up with the birds and have finished work by lunchtime. The point is that as longs your partners and your clients are happy, then there really is nothing for you to worry about with regards to how and when you work.

This has proved to be the best decision which I ever made and if you are looking for a change of lifestyle then this could be the best option out there for you.