When it comes to Digital Marketing, you have to remember to keep your content accessible for everyone. Marketing your business on social media platforms is just one thing. Still, with the rise of new businesses within all industries, it’s crucial to remember that your content must be accessible for everybody. Digital Marketing is about more than numbers – it’s about reaching out to people with valuable, worthwhile information that they will enjoy and share. There are many tools like accessiBe that companies use to ensure they are reaching out to everyone as an audience. Let’s start with some tips on how you can make sure your content is accessible for everyone.

Use Relevant Images, Avoid Image Text – When you post on social media platforms, it’s easy to include an image or two within your post. But you want to be careful about how your images are presented and what they contain. If the text within the image is hard to read, your post isn’t accessible for people with vision issues. Instead, use an image that people can enjoy without needing to read.

Don’t Use Racial or Offensive Language – When you’re marketing your business, there are certain words and phrases you want to avoid because they could turn off potential customers. This doesn’t only go for certain words but also the context of the phrase. For example, you wouldn’t want to use language that could offend or be derogatory towards different ethnicities or races when marketing your business.

Don’t Use Absolutes – When it comes to writing content for social media platforms, you don’t want to use absolutes like “always” or “never.” It’s best to use more flexible language when describing your business or products. You also want to avoid using absolutes when you’re writing for SEO purposes because Google doesn’t recognize them in its algorithm. Using this type of language can turn off potential customers, which isn’t good for marketing your business.

Don’t Be Too Salesy – When you’re writing content for social media platforms, you don’t want to be too salesy. Nobody wants to feel like they are being sold something when they check out your social media pages, especially if they liked your page because of the value they received from previous posts or articles. You always want to balance relevant advertising with high quality content that people can enjoy.

Make Sure Your Content is Accessible to Different Screen Readers – There are text readers specially designed for different disabilities, but these tools aren’t perfect, and they can have issues with certain writing styles. You want to avoid using advanced formatting or symbols because it could cause problems for someone trying to read your article on their phone without a data connection. It’s also best to stick to basic fonts and avoid using too many colors as well as any background images because these can distract from the text.

When you’re writing content on social media platforms, it’s crucial that you keep in mind that your content needs to be accessible for everyone, not just those without disabilities or vision problems. The more accessible your content is, the wider audience you will reach.