Electric bikes have been rising in demand recently, all thanks to their functionality. With the added power and pedal assist, cycling to work or school has become more accessible. 

But cycling is not all about getting from one point to another. Some people go biking for leisure, too. For some, a breezy stroll around the neighborhood can be a great way to slow down, reflect, and enjoy your surroundings. On the other hand, others cycle when visiting their favorite landmarks because they enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

For these types of people, cycling simply can’t get better. They’re already enjoying their time while also gaining benefits for their health and the environment. But what if we tell you that electric bikes can make your leisure rides even more exciting? 

Don’t believe us? In that case, here are five ways electric bikes add fun to your recreational trips!

1. More Powerful

First of all, electric bikes give you more power when traveling to slopey areas. Let’s be honest; climbing hills can even be more breathtaking than the sites that await you at hilltops. But with the help of your e-bike’s motor, you can bring more power to your pedaling. With the combination of electrical power from the motor and your mechanical output, you can undoubtedly ride through slopes easier.

E-bikes being more powerful also means that they give you the ability to carry more loads. An e-bike can help you carry everything you may need for a relaxing picnic in the park. You can pack drinks, snacks, mats, and even some outdoor sports equipment. Most electric bikes have an average maximum load capacity of 225 lbs, so make sure not to exceed that. 

If you plan on carrying loads routinely, you should also make sure you buy an e-bike that fits the job. So if you specifically need one that will assist you with transporting heavy loads, you’ll have to go with cargo electric bikes. They have impressive electric motors and higher carrying limits. The load limit isn’t usually displayed, but you can ask your bike dealer about it. For easier spotting of heavy-duty bikes, check out these bike elements:

  • Build or style
  • Frame
  • Wheel size
  • Wheel spokes

2. Unique Pedal Assistance Feature

The next reason e-bikes add fun to recreational trips is because these bikes have unique pedal assistance. All e-bikes come with this feature. The only difference between different models is how much you can rely on this feature. So, with the pedal assist of just about any e-bike, you can save up your energy for activities at your destination, instead. 

But this pedal assistance feature doesn’t only benefit you. It can also help beginners who you may plan on inviting to your trip

Besides, what good is a recreational bike trip if not shared with the people you love hanging out with? Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of enduring long-distance rides. Maybe your partner is still leveling up their endurance. Or maybe your child has only recently begun cycling. 

Luckily, the pedal-assist feature of e-bikes can help these people. With e-bikes and their pedal-assist feature, you can finally ride side by side with your favorite people without pushing them too hard.

3. Electric-Powered

Traveling to places almost always means using vehicles that rely too much on fossil fuels. As a result, taking almost any means of transportation also means contributing to almost 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. And if you’re very conscious about your own carbon footprint, the fact that your trip is adding harmful gas emissions can ruin your mood. 

Luckily, with e-bikes, you can still travel to far destinations using only mechanical and electric power. So, you can ride and travel for as long and as far as you want without feeling responsible for any greenhouse gas emissions. 

So, instead of taking your car to the beach, why not just cycle? Without the guilt of contributing to harmful gas emissions, you can certainly enjoy your recreational trip a lot more. You can also take more of these trips frequently without the fear of increasing your carbon footprint.

4. Durable and Convenient Design

Electric bikes also feature durable and convenient designs. As such, you can also ride in style, even with a low-maintenance bike. 

Because of their durable design, e-bikes also last longer on long-distance trips. So, if you’re planning on joining e-bike tours, you no longer have to worry too much about maintenance and insurance. 

Of course, you should still prepare contingency plans in the event of a bike breakdown. But knowing that your bike is more durable and convenient can give you peace of mind when joining long recreational trips. 

5. Countless Styles to Choose From 

What’s more exciting than having the perfect kind of electric bike for you? Nowadays, finding the right e-bike is an easy peasy job as everyone in the industry offers a wide variety of options. Whether you’re looking for a simple e-bike for casual rides around the city or an extreme performance electric bike to satisfy your adventure cravings, surely you’ll find one that fits you fine. 

Here are some of the most common types of electric bikes to guide you when you plan on buying one soon. 

Step-Thru Electric Bikes: Ideal for women, a step-thru electric bike is suitable for smooth sailing around the streets. This type of electric bike is accessible for short riders and women who wear dresses or skirts with its classic step-through frame design.

Folding Electric Bikes: If space is a problem for you, you might consider getting a folding electric bike. Not only does it save so much space, but it also has the same level of power and technology as the other regular-sized electric bikes. Most folding e-bikes are made with a lightweight frame for easy handling and transporting. 

Cargo Electric Bikes: Do you have a business that requires a utility service or kids you need to take with you wherever? An electric cargo bike would be ideal for you. It serves a wide array of purposes, from moving boxes of loads to carrying child seats and more. This type of electric bike possesses immense power in its motor and battery, so choose which one you’ll take!

Electric Mountain Bikes – planning a weekend getaway somewhere in the woods? How about an e-bike that will add fun and thrill to your outdoor activities? An electric mountain bike, from the name itself, is designed to take on challenging trails and hills. You can conveniently go through muddy and rocky roads with an e-bike as most of this type has suspension forks that reduce the impact on wheels.

Electric Road Bikes: This is the best electric bike to use on paved concrete roads. With skinny tires, an electric road bike will give a fast and smooth ride for its riders. Although a conventional road bike comes with drop-down handlebars, an electric road bike has flat handlebars. Great for road riding, touring, or randonneuring, an electric road bike has got your back.

Electric Hunting Bikes: One of the most powerful types of electric bikes today is the electric hunting bike. If you’re an avid hunter, angler, or adventure seeker, this one is definitely your type. Electric hunting bikes have impressive electric motors, battery range, speed, and build. However, they also come at a high price, but they are indeed worth every penny.

There are many different ways e-bikes make recreational trips more fun. The electric power these bikes rely on takes away any guilt of leisure traveling or aimless strolling. The pedaling assistance and added power can help you carry loads, conquer slopes, and ride with amateur bikers you want to include in your trip. And with the convenient, durable, and diverse styles of electric bikes, you can still ride in style.

All in all, e-bikes allow you spontaneous getaways without the guilt of adding to your carbon footprint. And in a world where we worry too much about our future, so much to the point where we forget to live and enjoy the moment, electric bikes may just be what we need.

By Trevor James

About the author:

Trevor James is the founder and owner of Electric Bike Paradise, a one-stop-shop for all your electric bicycle needs. He has been selling bicycles, electric bikes, and electric scooters online since 2010 and eventually established Electric Bike Paradise in late 2013 when he happened to meet a seller from Craiglist that introduced him to electric bikes. Ever since Trevor spent time searching for electric bikes online but couldn’t find a single website that offers a wide selection of bikes and informational articles. That is why he decided to start a website where everyone can shop conveniently, browse buying guides, and read educational posts. The website is called Electric Bike Paradise.