A definite for everyone’s bucket list, at least once in your life you should try campervan travel. Take charge of your holiday and sit behind the wheel of your own trip, there are plenty of reasons to rent a campervan for your next holiday. Give it a go, just so you know whether campervan travel is for you. These are what I consider to be the main advantages of travelling by campervan compared to other holiday methods.

1.  Sustainable

This may sound silly, how can driving a vehicle be sustainable! Well, it is definitely far more sustainable than flying! Slow travel, such as with a campervan, produces far less carbon emissions. They’re also experimenting with electric campervans, so soon you’ll be able to enjoy the perks of guilt-free campervan travel. Many vans also come with solar panels, to reduce the amount of energy you use whilst parked. These also let you wild camp in your van, which is the best glamping experience.

2.  Freedom

This is one of my favourite parts of campervan travel! You’re not tied down to hotel bookings or public transport schedules, instead you are in charge of your day. You can plan ahead, but you can also adapt this plan as you go. Raining one day? Head to a museum instead, do a big day of driving with an International Driver’s License, or chill inside your little home away from home. Nice weather? Change route and head towards the beach, sleeping to the sound of waves – heavenly! You can design your own road trip, choosing every stop.

3.  Cheaper

The main cost of a motorhome holiday will be renting the vehicle, but once that’s out of the way, campervan travel is so budget friendly. You can easily plan ahead and set aside a daily limit. You’ll save money on cooking your own meals, as motorhomes come with great kitchens, and combining accommodation with travel costs. Planes and trains can be so overpriced, not to mention hotels. So save big bucks by travelling in a campervan instead.

4.  Staycation

This is a growing trend, especially now! We’re so quick to go abroad for our holidays, when we have incredible attractions and destinations around us. Most of us have been tourists everywhere but home. So one day I decided to check out campervan hire near me and look up the best places to visit near home. And I’ve never looked back. Support your local economy, and finally know what to recommend to future visitors!

5.  Comfort

Whilst campervan travel provides the freedom of camping and chance to explore, it also retains some of the comfort of traditional holiday accommodation. You get to sleep on a proper mattress, instead of the ground, and have everything you need right there next to you. You can cook your own meals instead of being dependent on eating out. You also don’t have to repack every day, like during a road trip involving hotel stays. Simply unpack once, and be able to grab stuff whenever you need it.