Any business in this country must ensure that they have had a fire risk assessment before they are allowed to begin trading. Once this has been carried out by government officials, businesses will be given a fire safety certificate which they must ensure they keep on file for any future inspections. Businesses will go through this process routinely to ensure that they have done everything which they are obliged to, with regards to keeping their business fire safe. Old reports will need to be stored by the company, as there are situations which may call for a revision of these documents. If your business is worried about the storing of these reports, here is how it can easily gain access.

Why Fire Safety Reports Are Important

Fire safety reports are legal documents which shows that the business has met all the criteria which the government has laid out regarding fire safety. This will detail that the business, based on its size, has sufficient fire fighting equipment such as extinguishers and fire blankets, as well as focusing on fire exits, signage and sprinkler systems where required. As mentioned , the business will be operating illegally if it is not able to produce these reports when asked.

Why Businesses May Need Old Reports

Old reports are usually not required, unless there is a fire in the business. In the event of a fire, an investigation will take place afterwards, with many details being looked over. If there has been any potential criminal behavior here, the investigators will look over both new and old fire reports to ensure that everything is in order. Companies should be able to gather this information when asked, and that is why it is critical that they know how to get the reports and where from.

Finding The Old Fire Safety Reports

Many companies think that they are meeting requirements in keeping paper copies in the business of its fire safety certificate. Whilst this is helpful of course, if there has been a fire those certificates could well be burnt to a crisp, which is why it is so important to have digital copies. The easiest way to store these certificates for future access is to use a company like Fire and Wire, which offers an online portal where you will be able to find existing and old certificates with ease. This is a great service which makes the life of the business easier when it comes to managing their certificates for fire safety. This company can also help you in making sure that your building is fire safe and that it has met all of the criteria which the government requires.

Fire safety is so important and we have to remember that this is not just a paperwork exercise or a frustrating piece of red tape to cut through. We have seen time and time again just how damaging fires can be for businesses, hence the need to not take this lightly. If you haven’t already, head to the Fire and Wire website and make sure that you are ready for whatever may come your way.