While there are many reasons to downsize from your house or apartment into a smaller space (perhaps to build your dream eco-home), there can be challenges. A smaller space with fewer rooms and less storage forces you to reconsider every piece of furniture, decor piece, and possession you own.

Whatever your reason for downsizing, there are tons of additional benefits that come from the necessary cleaning out and the decluttering that will take place. These are some tips to make the entire process easier and some of the additional benefits that you can expect.

Start Planning Early

It is never too early to begin planning and taking steps to downsize once you know that you want to move into a smaller space. Plan ahead and start clearing out clutter and items that you no longer use, think about what options you might want to take advantage of, and find new homes for things that you want to keep in the family, but don’t want to save yourself.

Evaluate Your Current and Desired Lifestyle

Most downsizing takes place due to a change in lifestyle. Evaluate your current lifestyle and determine which of those things are staying the same. What items in your home fit your lifestyle now and remain useful? Take a hard look at what your new lifestyle is going to look like and whether your furniture, possessions and stuff fit.

Invest in a Storage Unit

Even though the idea is to let go of items as you downsize, there may be items you want to hold onto that can’t–or don’t–fit into your space. These might include seasonal items and things of sentimental and/or monetary value; they are best stored in rented storage space when you no longer have a garage or ample storage space. If the cost concerns you, check out your local storage options. You might be surprised how much you can fit into an inexpensive 5 x 10 storage unit.


The biggest part of moving is decluttering. We have so many items that we don’t use but just hang on to. There are so many reasons for keeping things that we no longer need and take up space, everything from the money we spent on it to the time it takes to remove it from our home keeps it with us. Dedicate time and energy to clear out cabinets, closets, and other storage spaces. Everything in your new area will need a home, so everything coming with you will need to serve a purpose and need to be used.

Bring in Help

While it is possible to downsize all on your own, it can go faster or easier when you bring in help. This can be in the form of professional advice or free help from family. Most of us form attachments to the items we own, making them harder to get rid of. Having someone else around to make us reconsider each item we are unsure about can help clear clutter more quickly.

Repurpose Spaces and Pieces

A smaller space doesn’t necessarily mean you will have less space to live and work in, just that you need to be smart about the pieces you include in your new place and how you use them. Choose fewer bits and pieces that work for you to save both space and are multi-functional. The spare room can be used for a guest room, office space, and a craft room if you plan right and only bring over the smartest, most useful pieces.

Benefits of Downsizing

Downsizing spaces gives you so much more freedom and can be life-changing. Larger spaces require more physical maintenance, more financial investment, and more time. A downsize can mean the financial freedom to do those things you have put off because you were pouring money into your home and its upkeep. The time and maintenance required with a larger home disappear if you move into apartments for rent in plano tx, or is significantly reduced in a smaller home. Whatever your reasons are for making a move of this type, the benefits can lead to a better life in the end.