Remote working has become the norm for a lot of positions in the modern era. While some work at home on a desktop computer, there is an undeniable benefit to using something mobile like a laptop for all of your working needs.

Travelling for work or pleasure is a lot easier if you can get your work done while being out. Besides being mobile, laptops are inherently at a disadvantage to their desktop counterparts, it’s not all bad though as there are a few things you can do to make your laptop working experience a better one.

Mouse And Keyboard

Perhaps the simplest yet one of the most impactful additions to any mobile workstation is the addition of a good mouse and keyboard. The keyboard aspect can be negotiable, as it will depend on how much you type in your work and the quality of a laptop standard keyboard. The mouse aspect on the other hand is something that anybody with a laptop should look into. It may seem like a given, but there is more to a working mouse than meets the eye.

A mouse like the Logitech MX Master 3 offers the ability to cross connect different devices to drag files over, an infinity scroll wheel and the ability to scroll left and right as well, needless to say that these little features make working on large Excel sheets a dream. The ergonomics and features of a good working mouse can make remote work a much more pleasant experience.

Screen Space

For many a simple laptop screen may be enough, however, if you are doing any correlation of data or research while working, the single screen on a laptop is just frustrating to work with. External displays for your laptop which work off the same battery are easy to find and quite affordable. Displays like the Asus ZenScreen Touch offer full laptop like portability and easy use as a second screen on your laptop.


If this isn’t enough, there are options like the OFiyaa P2 TRI which offer 2 additional screens to flank your laptop screen on either, but that may be excessive for most people. For a more budget friendly alternative, there are apps like iDisplay Twomon which allow you to use an existing tablet as a secondary display for a windows or apple laptop.

Battery Life

Battery life will always be a contentious point amongst laptops. There are many options like upgraded larger batteries or running a lighter operating system to make your battery last longer when playing at Black Lotus online casino, but in this case, simple is usually the best option.

A decently sized powerbank which is flat enough to fit inside your laptop bag will be a great addition to add a few working hours to any mobile working setup. When purchasing a power bank, bigger is better, but only to a certain point. Be sure to check the power ratings, as you will not be allowed to fly with a battery bank in excess of 100Wh.