Looking to start a business? Where you choose to start that business matters, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article on the best places to launch a new business venture. According to Ferdinand, in the United States, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City remain three of the top global cities nationwide.


Brian Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of SoBeNY, explains in the article that all three of these cities stand out among entrepreneurs for multiple reasons. For one, all of these municipalities are distinguished for their innovation and excellence in diverse business sectors. In addition, the cities are examples of a creative entrepreneurial spirit, cultural modernization, and work ethic—all of which give the United States its unique personality and strength in today’s globalized society.


Whether or not you’re interested in starting a technology business, you generally can’t go wrong with launching your company in San Francisco. That’s because San Francisco—which includes Silicon Valley—has developed a robust reputation for being a hub for innovations that change the world. After all, Airbnb and Levi’s Jeans, for example, both got their start in this city. If you choose San Francisco as the birthplace of your future business, you can rest assured that you will be surrounded by many helpful and inspiring minds as you embark on the road to entrepreneurship.


Los Angeles is also a top place for doing business simply because it offers a large market combined with a workforce that is sizable and well trained. The city also offers wonderful access to both national and international markets and is, in fact, a leader when it comes to international trade. Los Angeles County’s economic base is also very diversified, so you can excel in this area in a multitude of industries—not just the stereotypical industries of tourism, movies, and aerospace.


If you start a business in New York City, you can be confident that you’ll be creating a company in a city with a global vision. This city offers the ability to forecast worldwide trends and is actually ahead of the majority of global trends. So, if you’re serious about creating a cutting-edge firm and ultimately outperforming all of your competitors, the Big Apple may be worth taking a bite out of in the months ahead.